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Hey Guys!it's time for #AnnContests Number 6!

All we gotta do is take a good picture of our favorite celebrity

add one of your favorite quote by them to it in a nice font!

*You have time till 24 May,2016 or Tuesday to submit it,make sure you tag me
(+Anousha Amir) or do #AnnContests

*Winner will be decided by polls First 5 accepted so hurry up

+Sergi Schinkel Bertran +Amulya Anand2618 +Anita Amerian 13

Dear Swifties,

I am quite shocked by seeing posts posted in the wrong category. There aren't
just 1 or 2 but many. However, it is not is not a major issue but i will appreciate if all the posts are in right category. Members kindly check your posts category.Here is what should go in what (Only Important because some are pretty obvious)

Swift Talk- All the gossips and opinions regarding Taylor Swift

Tay-S News- News regarding Taylor

Interactions- Communities you think people should join

Contest-Includes polls only or edits you have made


Announcements- If you are starting a contest,then announce about it here please or other important announcements like this

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Wazzup swifties??!!! I'm holding my first ever edit contest! I've never held one before, so I'm not expecting many people to join, just hoping for the best! I don't care who joins, and I hope it is fun. Here is all the information:
>You will make 1 edit (i'm starting small) of any song, album, lyric, etc.
> Please write your name on it.
> It starts February 1 (2016) and ends February 11.
> Voting will start February 12 and I will decide how many polls depending on how many people answer.
> I will give 2 days for people to vote for every poll and will post winners when ready.
> Nothing negative or offensive to Taylor.
> Prizes: 1st place: 2 edits, follow, 3 shout outs 2nd place: 1 edit, follow, 2 shout outs 3rd place: 1 edit, follow, 1 shout out
> Tag me and use the hashtag #Lucyeditingcontest  

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Plsss follow my collection I beg u ppl plsssss!!!!

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New Contest coming tomorrow!Stay tuned to #AnnContests.

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Hey ALL! Thanks a lot for joining,love to ALL!

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Guyz sry I dunno what to do...not much ppl r giving their edits..
So I'm thinking of reducing the ppl to 5 instead of 10..
GUYZZZ plzz giv more edits! I wish u all wud participate
Hey guyz....I wud like to hold the third contest of #amycontests!
Plz participate...d first 10 will b selected for voting....I hope u guyz wil participate!!
The winner in d first place will get 1 collage 2 edit n a shoutout!
D winner in second place will get 1 collage n a shoutout!
Both collage n edits r accepted😊
There is NO last date as after I get d first 10 I will start d polls!!
GOOD LUCK!!!😀😀😀😀😊😊👏👏👏👍👍👍PLSSS TAG ME PPL!!

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