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« At the same time, have a good look at what you’re writing, and try to figure out why it’s not in the pictures. The idea is not necessarily to bring it to the pictures, but to understand what’s going on »

something the internets-school of photography does not teach is to write about one's photography. not everyone pursuing photography need to write about their photos. lately, I have to think that writing is integral to some types of photography, yet, I see very little in the way of writing. getting to be popular on the internets involves writing in pontification/teaching on how to get a trick done, and less about making one's photography be something quasi-unique.

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more info, directly from, Saul Leiter.
I am still shocked that digital vs. film is asked.
so much insight to get from him,
and an internet-divide question is asked :p


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Reworking all my social media & just added a new Alcatraz album to my Facebook artist page. You should be able to view it even if you don't have a Facebook account. So if you don't have a FB account and can't see it let me know. Appreciate the feedback.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. I have a wish if any of you are willing to help.

In december I started a new job. I am now a headhunter. It suits for the most part. When things are settling in a bit more it will give me time to work on my images. I am also keeping some of my clients and am continuing working with graphic design and their web precense et al.

It´s been a hectic time since december and I´m starting to feel like all my images are really boring. Like I´m taking the same images over and over again.

Would any of you fine people be willing to give me an "assignment"? I´m content at looking at images on G+ and elsewhere but need a push. And I think the idea of someone else saying -Take an image of ... using ( ) technique or something to that extent would be a fun challenge.

What are the obstacles you´re dealing with in your photography? Pass it on please! :)

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Bay Area photographer Michael Jang has work at Stephen Wirtz Gallery until July 13. His excellent portrait series (The Jangs) of his own family in the 70s is well worth a trip to 49 Geary.

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For those interested in a 6 week online free course wrt photojournalism and the use of photos as historical evidence, Coursera may have something for you:
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