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Hi there, SMS Banking Detector is coming back.

Basically, it can detect your transaction from SMS and automatically record to Money Lover.

Please help us improve it by submitting SMS template from you bank.

We will keep updating it frequently.


Would be good to add something like a "confirmation button" for recurring transactions, because sometimes can be the case that the transaction scheduled for a specific day did not occur.

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Where are backup options? I changed my phone today and my wallets are in zero. I wanted to load a backup file to recover all data and there's no backup options in settings anymore.

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I have seen here a previous post reporting there is a Sync issue were the total amount on more than one wallet is wrong and I want to say I am experiencing the same issue but I see a kinda different behavior on my wallets and I have found out some interesting information.

On 2 of my 3 wallets with wrong amounts I have a total lower than it should be but in one of them I seem to have a bigger amount than what I really have and I did some testing I found out that the categories on the first and fourth column (Inside my category menu 5 picture) are not being calculated on the total.
As an example the charge called "Eating out" on the second image made on the 25th is not calculated on the total, I have made the math myself and I am sharing all the transactions on this wallet (Image 2, 3 and 4) as a proof the amount is incorrect, the last two pictures are also proof that those categories doesn't affect the total amount.

I am still unable to found out what is affecting the lower total amount on my other two wallets but I corroborated each transaction of the last 3 months with my online banking in one of my wallets and the charges are all correct with dates and amount being the same so I am hopping my actual transactions didn't got modified and it is just a code issue with the math being wrong on the total amount.
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Linking Categories across Wallets

I love using this app and I have multiple wallets, For budgeting it is however useless to me as the categories between the different wallets are not connected.
What is needed is that categories can be linked across Wallets so that users can make one budget for each category, no matter what wallet they are in. Presently the budgeting feature is more or less useless without that, as most people would spend on the same category via multiple wallets (e.g. I pay small groceries from my cash wallet, while bigger groceries from my bank "wallet"). Or has someone found a way around this weakness in the app?
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Please restore previous option of being able to backup/restore via .mlx file. MoneyLover constantly syncs the wrong information and the backup/restore option helps in fixing sync and deletion issues. MoneyLover has again deleted my categories and associated transactions, if I could restore via the .mlx file then my categories and years worth of transactions can be restored.

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Some of my categories have again been deleted from the android version of the app. The web version of the app is still showing the categories correctly.

When I create a transaction in the web version using the deleted category it shows up but is not synced across to the app version. This is the second time this has occurred, it very frustrating to have to keep recreating these categories and this time the existing transactions were deleted as well. I can't restore with my backup files as this functionality has been removed. 

Photo 1 shows the web version
Photo 2 shows the app version
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One of my wallets deleted all transactions under my repayments category for the last two years. The balance of the wallet is now hugely inflated.

Second Suggestion: Can we share the User created Categories across the wallets, or make it as common Categories. Else user has to re-create the categories for each wallet every time.

Think to provide the duplicate or copy options to make it eaiser for the user.

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