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Hi all.
Just wanted to share an old frankenstino I've made based in your works I've just updated some schematics and code and published it. You can find it at

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Hello everyone.

Some may know my other projects like tinyUSBboard or the
It had been a little longer now, but today I want you to present my new project.

It is still work-in-progress and therefore not put into my regular github repository, but you already can find it here:

It is like an adapter-board for the well known LAN951X controller, which also is used by most Raspberry-Pis.
Clocking, decoupling, filtering and supplying power is done on the board.
All interesting PINs are routed to the outside for further wiring.
Also an EEPROM in cost-effective SOP8 footprint is layed out and can be populated.
It is designed for (but not limited to) do-it-yourself etching/construction (for example via toner transfer with press-n-peel foil).

Maybe some of you consider it useful as GPIO, LAN- and/or USB-HUB board for your own projects.
I would be greatful about any "Star" or "Fork" of the repository ;-)

With an additional Magjack/ethernet-transformer, an USB plug and a 5V-> 3.3V stepdown (AMS1117-3.3 will do fine) the adapter easily can be transferred into DIY network adapter on vero board using twisted "air-wiring".
(Do you want more pictures of it? - Let me know...)
Maybe this way you want to donate your Raspberry or Orange Pi a few network interfaces more? (And use it a a router??)

The github repository also includes a simple, platform independent tool for reading the LAN95XX hardware-statistics.
Thus one can observe and evaluate the design the adapter is used in, for example by checking TX/RX errors.

I would like to discuss this board with you.
Perhaps you have comments, suggestions for improvement, wishes ...etc...

BR Stephan

Related Datasheet:
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New diy-tinyusbboard!

A very nice board (although I rather would like the docs to be in English)

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Hi all, again.
(Yes this weekend was "work on some tinyUSBboard stuff" time.)

I just finished the first version of comparing tinyUSBboard with Adafruit's Pro Trinket at:

There I also provide a migration firmware in order to test their bootloader with tinyUSBboard ;-)

BR Stephan

Hi all.

Me again.
Just as a brief information: USBaspTool ( is online now.
It was overdue since a long time and finally available, now.

Have fun!

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Hi all.
I hope everyone has fun during his vacation.

Because it got a little bit quiet here: Martin and I decided to present a brief  update, what we are doing at the moment.
It still only is a prerelease what will become fully open source on github:

Use the tinyUSBboard as free programmable SuperNES Gamecontroller adapter. You can map the retro keys (or combinations of them) to any keyboard- or mouseevent you want!

You build your pre-release firmware with

Perhaps you have some feedback or questions regarding the programming of the key-mapping, don't hesitate: The discussion is opened.

The controller's hardware protocol is based on:

In order to relieve the CPU from regular and performance
consuming ticking, time tracking is done in hardware.
To extend the tracking range to 24bit, timer1 needs to
be externally connected with timer0.
Therefor PB1 (OC1B) needs to be botch-wired with PD4 (T0).

   ----------------------------- -----------------
  |                                      |                               \
  | (1)     (2)     (3)     (4) |   (5)     (6)      (7)  |
  |                                      |                               /
   ----------------------------- -----------------

    Pin      Description         Color               AVR
    ===      ===========    =======         ===
    1            +5v                      White      -->   Vcc (right side)
    2           Data clock          Green     -->   PB5 (SCK)
    3           Data latch           Orange   -->   PC1 (SS replacement)
    4           Serial data          Red          -->  PB4 (MISO)
    5           ?                             no wire
    6           ?                             no wire
    7           Ground                  Black      --> Gnd (right side)

    AVR                   Description                  AVR
    ===                    ===========              ===
    PB1 (OC1B)    Time Tracker         --> PD4 (T0)

More hopefully coming soon...
Have Fun!
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TinyUSBboard/USBasp program board

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Switching 220V with tinyUSBboard over internet with relay works fine!
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