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Join me, Sodales, in celebrating the retirement of the Project: Redcap ( email address ( It served us well for decades and in recent years was subjected to an onslaught of spam bots. Rarely used and neglected, it's entered Final Twilight. [corrected]

Now a new phoenix takes shape and the cycle returns to Spring. Please use the contact form on the Project: Redcap web page --

Thanks for your support of the Ars Magica community.

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Bundle of Holding has two Ars Magica bundles running until September 11th. One is a revival of their original ArM5 bundle, with the Houses of Hermes books, a Tribunal, Covenants, Apprentices, and Tales of Mythic Europe.

The other is new, and contains the four Realms of Power books and three more Tribunals.

They are, in my opinion, worth getting for the PDFs even if you already have the paper books.

Hey everyone, does anyone have a quick rules reference available for new players? I like to stick a rule reference in with character sheets at convention games, but can't seem to find a good one for ArM5.

Do we have any updates about MagicSHOE? I've been waiting for this since I heard about it last Gen Con!

Hey everyone, checking to see if anyone has a group of 6 pre-generated magi characters (5th edition) that they could share with me? I need some NPCs for "Promises, Promises" and don't want to use the ones included in the scenarios, since they are pretty basic and not compatible with 5th edition.

"I'm a fairie not a fighter" quoth my Merinta mage, after being clouted by an exocist monk- no weapon or armour but defensive and illusionary magic. With trouble brewing with Blackthorn covenant to the west, so decisions had been made to test in combat- that & Was un-familar with the rules. The monk learned the meaning of fear and we all went off to some magical stone circle to visit the Grey King's court and restore his injured dog to him. The Grey King wasn't in, but his human friend Lord Pwll was concerned to hear of the evil doings in South West Wales. It was a good session- as our GM had forgotten his notes, the session was a little more improvised than usual- next time rounds there may be a death and a wyrin- this may be linked.

Anybody living in the South Wales travel to game area who wants to join an Ars Magica campaign? Space for up to 2 gamers. Every other Sunday evening.

Hey all, I'm looking to get back into playing/running Ars Magica again (I had a short-lived campaign about 5 years ago). Gen Con is coming up and I would like to run a scenario of Ars Magica there because it is always under-represented. Any suggestions for scenarios that a rusty GM could handle in a 4-5 hour convention slot?

So Sunday was the session which started off with discussion of local politics, possibly diabolic areas, a look up of Wikipedia for castles and ended with Old Man Willow calling a Fae Council of War against Blackthorn Covenant for their role in molesting the fae of the Wild Hunt.
Oddily enough not all in the Covenant thought this was a wise action, and indeed expressed doubt that this was following the Code of the Order of Hermes; how this would be explainable to the Order, and would there be anything left of the Enfys Covenant to interrogate.
On the plus side, Enfys Covenant is still friends with Old Man Williow; have an open invite to return; is unlikely to be tortured and mudered by the Fae in the upcoming war; and Breck (my fae companion) finally has something to do which fits his talents for murder.

I've been a little quiet on the Ars Magica game, as we had a session 1 week where only half of us turned up; one player dropped out for good real world reasons and we've taken a long time to get the covenant's resources defined. Also weirdly enough we seem to have been avoiding using magic. So tonight, as my mage, Ceri has the chaotic magic flaw, the entire valley was lit up with a green glow while two magi engaged in cetamin. We're also finding out our neighbours in the West are molesting the fae; that might have consequences with "y draig goch" and that Marcher Wales is a good deal more central to the British history than we had realised.

Coming along nicely then.
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