Hello, I am back again. Not long, but I am here to tell you sth.

I thought a while about my studio;
What I should do?
Or why are my members/guests so inactive?
Why am I so inactive? (school problems)

I felt sad after a long day while I was thinking about that.
And I came to a decision;

I'll close the studio

Every member/guest will be out of the studio, but I won't delete this channel, because there are too many nice MEPs that need to be watched.

But it really broke my heart when I got that decision. I loved when I uploaded so many MEPs or sign ups. Even when so many guys dropped out it was a part of it.

I really hoped I did run this studio very good, cuz it was my first one. (and maybe the last)
I was thinking about if it did get better for the inactive, if I did change sth in the studio. But I didn't and that makes me a little bit sadder.
I really love you all, I love the studio and I love my 2 years on YT.
I... (cries in the background) I never thought it would be so hard to leave ya all.

I wish you the best for your youtube career, a lot of fun in it and a lot of luck in your real-life.

Best wishes

Weeping Pegasus

I'm sorry to tell you, but I'll leave this studio now. It's not active anymore and there are no news for 16 weeks. If this studio will come alive again.. I wish u all good luck♥

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Hello guys, it's meh, hehehe XD

Okay, well I have some baaaaaad news and it would be really nice if you would read all of the text I wrote. I am really stressed out cuz of school and so on. I have more physically than school problems qwq
ANYWAY I can't lead the studio like that. Two members just dropped out what makes me sad cuz I love every member in this studio T___T I looked through our meps and there are still some mep parts that need to be finished. I thought about what I could do cuz I've the feeling it won't get done yet. But I can't do sth. because of the problems I have.
MEANS; I am rlly thinking about closing the studio.
BECAUSE; I have no time for that and there are so many inactive members, what really makes me angry and sad. :-(
Idk if this will be my decision, but I'll tell you if I have some news.

C ya soon!~

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After joining this studio and being a part of it for a year, im sad to say that i must leave due to varied reasons. Ty for being my first studio and to weeping pegasus for being such an awesome leader, i will continue to support!!

hi im leaving the studio thx for a cool year

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I have some news!
I am sorry that I am really inactive in the last time... [I've the feeling I was it from the beginning, lol XD] The reason's that I have some trouble in real life and my school did start yesterday. I have a lot of stress and I wanna make my
certificate very good this year. [I don't wanna have a C or a D anymore.. [grades]] I am at the 10th class so it'll be very hard for me to focus on Youtube and Real life. So I made a decision.

I will be hiatus till next year summer [I think so...] '_'

Means, I can't be really active anymore and only do some AMVs by the way. I won't be able to do MEP parts at this whole time. BUT!!! I will be there to look at our sign ups and make them finish, ok?
Please, Co-Leader-san, look at the right place while I am away, but if you don't have time eather, I am sure, that this studio can stand for a half year still.

I hope you read this text here and understand it.
- Natascha [Weeping Pegasus]

Helloo! I just wanted to say that I'm on Hiatus from today until 20th/21th August since I'm actually stressed out and I'm going on vecation for one week.
I know, it's quite a short time, but I wanted to let you know.
Also don't worry, I'll finish any part I took by time!
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