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이제 2.8이 나온답니다. 주목할만한건 document level locking 이 default!!!!!

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"본질에 충실함"에 가까운 자바 드라이버가 나왔습니다.

1. 몽고디비를 쓰실꺼면 꼭 미티어를 활용하세요.
2. "자바를" 꼭 원한다면 미티어 rest를 활용하세요.
3. "자바만" 써야 한다면 그때는 이걸 추천합니다.
그래야 빨랑 퇴근해서 맥주라도 한잔 하지요.
할말은 많지만 호프집 오프에서 ;)
working on a little project using jongo and mongodb. jongo is interesting and easy to use.

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MongoDB with Java

MongoDB is used with Java to reap advantages of both the resilient systems by integrating MongoDB JDBC Driver into the Java Setup. The advantages unfolded by this powerful combination are numerous.

MongoDB Node.js, MongoDB, Node.js 


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Hi !

I am Tania and I'm here to introduce a new Book.

"Pentaho Analytics for MongoDB" - a practical approach designed to have #Pentaho configured to talk to #MongoDB. An easy-to-follow guide on the key integration points between Pentaho and MongoDB. 

Read and review the book on Amazon/Goodreads/Orielly/your Blog!
Write to me at for a free review copy.

To know more, visit:

Note: Limited copies available! 

Using MongoDB in Java Development

First of all let we clear about MongoDB. MongoDB used as a file system. It is a scalable, high-performance, open source document-oriented database system. It stored data into relational database instead of storing into a table.


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진짜 많이들도 쓰시는구만요.
As a MongoDB user, you’re part of the fastest-growing database community. What you may be missing, however, is the expertise to grow your MongoDB usage, both in terms of scaling your apps and finding new areas to apply MongoDB. MongoDB Inc. partners with over thousand enterprises, startups and organizations of all kinds, enabling them to reduce cost, accelerate time to market and mitigate risk through MongoDB Subscriptions.

See how you can get to success faster with a MongoDB Subscription

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One of the most powerful features of #MongoDB is its rich indexing functionality. Users can specify secondary indexes on any field, compound indexes, Geo spatial, text, sparse, TTL, and others. 
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