hey! could anyone tell me what the Devil Fruits are? i'm trying to figure it out

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Name Zaynala
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Half White Cat
Pirate Captain of The White Cat Pirates 
Name: Zayla
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Half White Cat
Pirate Captain of The White Cat Pirates
we both are captain we didn't think it would be fair if one of us were captain and the other wasn't
the right one is me the left one is my sister

on the coast small island town, a large iron door appears, building itself and opening. A man in a black suit walks through, carrying a cane. The door closes and dissapates behind him as he looks around
Hmm...hopefully I landed in the right place.....

can i be twins? 

Hmmm, haven't made a profile for this guy, so I might as well use him here....
(And if i have, then this is an update.)
Name: Sekashi (real name Gol D. Sekashuro)
Age: 952
Devil Fruits: Kami-Kami No Mi/God-God Fruit
-Alows the user to manipulate Matter to a subatomic level. The user cannot create precious metals without a material similar in atomic structure. The user can transmute unlimited amours of a substance from a source, but the user cannot transmute items like metal from scratch. The user can, however, remove Devil Fruit powers from devil fruit users, and create copies of that devil fruit. (The normal rules still apply though. He's not a devil fruit factory.) His fruit also gives him an unlimited regenerative ability, allowing him to heal from almost any injury. (Almost. There are some things he can't recover from.)
Warp-Warp Fruit
-Allows the user to create portals of any size or shape to anywhere the user desires. Portals can become the shape of anything, including actual doors. There is also a "white-space", which is a dimensional pocket to which the user can travel to whenever they want that lies between reality and truth. Portals, once created, cannot be affected by forces outside of the user's control. Seastone negates the ability to create portals, but does not close them unless the user loses concentration just as they come into contact with it.

Other Skills: Haki (all types), swordplay, and phyisicyst.

Affiliation: Ex-Government/schibukai, Ring pirates, Strawhat pirates, Dragon.

Bio: not much is known.

(Can't find a pic. I'll post one soon.)

Awhile I thought of putting one piece in the star trek universe but come to think of it Farscape works better

I wonder what would happen if Luffy was captain of the enterprise 

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Name: Raven
Age: 17
Bounty: none
Gender: Female
Bio: ...............

Hm....so that Staw Hat boy is up to it again huh? Heh.....puts down the newspaper, and walks outside onto the deck. Sarah! I need you on deck!
(I need a girl to play Sarah. I'll tell you what she can do if you need to know.)

Name: Tobias D. Thomas

Nicknames/ailias: "Captain Tom", "Ringlord Thomas"

Abilities/powers: Armament Haki, Observation Haki, and Conqueror's Haki.

Devil Fruit: Ring-Ring Fruit.

Appearence: 6' 2", raven black hair. His eyes are deep blue, and he often wears a wide-brimmed fedora. He does not like to wear a shirt, and instead wears a black trench coat on his shoulders instead. He has black bell-bottom jeans, and sandals. His belt has a ring shaped buckle, and he wears open-finger gloves. He has some scars on his chest, and a scar on his right eye.

Bio: A rather new pirate captain, Tobias is the captain of a large-scale pirate group known as the Ring Pirates. At only 16 years of age, he set out on his own to search for the One Piece, and to follow his dreams of battling with the best pirates known in the world, including the Straw Hat pirates. His Ring-Ring Fruit allows him to create "Rings" out of any material, no matter the composition or density. He is highly skilled in combat, and often has his crew behind him. His pirate group is divided into 10 Divisions. Each commander has a Devil Fruit power, and is skilled in a specific practice, such as doctrine or craftsman. He is quick to defend those who he deems innocent, and never kills a man unless absolutely necissary.
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