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What triggers google map entries?
I was exploring various search types today:
1. local dui attorney
2. local bar
3. local real estate
4. local beach apparel

All had map entries below the first 3. But, local dui attorney presented a knowledge graph card of the closest dui attorney to me. No other type search had anything on the right column. Any ideas?

Also, what content should go into collections and what should be public? Do entries in collection get added in a google map knowledge graph latest post entry at the bottom?

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Any help on how can I make clickable images to my website on google plus?
#drivinglessons #drivingschools

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Google’s #featured_snippets in #search results is a “Direct Answer” area which appears on the top of all search results with a quick answer to any search query. This #SERP Featured #Snippet includes a summary of the answer to the query searched by any user, which gets extracted from a #web_page containing the most relevant answer, plus a link to the page, the page title, and URL Read more here:

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Google deriving information in your website to designate content in unique ways for Google My Business / Google Local data

I'm often wondering how much information in Google Local Search is being pulled from Google's indexing and parsing of your website content, vs how much is coming from third-party sources or your own content via Google My Business.

It seems that I've found another strange example: Happy Hour hours!

Within Google My Business you're able to update your hours, generally seen as your "open hours". Within a day, you can have multiple blocks of hours, but there's no special designation for things like "brunch", "lunch", or "happy hour", especially if the time block falls within the greater open-hour block.

Yet here, in one of the images below, you'll see that within Google Local results, Google is separating out our Happy Hour hours.

The only place where we can see this separate designation is within the website, specified via openingHours itemprop in the LocalBusiness schema, prefixed with "Happy Hour".

More on my thoughts on this:
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Google business reviews and reviews in general matter more than ever before.

Consumers are turning to them more often to make purchasing decisions, they trust them more, and they’re actively reviewing businesses on a more frequent basis.

A recent 2016 study by BrightLocal on local customer reviews backs these findings up (and many more).

The survey reveals some interesting trends in customer review behavior from 2010 to 2016 (the study has been conducted in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016).

However, the most important information is what this data means for businesses in the modern digital era.

Has Google changed its policy on requiring 5 reviews before displaying rich snippets of the star rating in local search results? In the UK I noticed a change on Tuesday this week whereby rich snippets of star ratings are shown for as few as a single review. I would be interested to know if this is global and whether or not it is a permanent change.

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News: Google My Business Allows Regulated Industries in GMB
It has been policy to exclude regulated good companies like Gun Shops, Liquor Stores and more. As of today, this has changed.

Companies still need to adhere to policies in GMB, as well as applicable state and federal laws. But, automatic suspensions and removals should no longer occur.

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My company Duda is hosting a webinar with Andrew Shotland from Local SEO Guide where he'll cover data that shows what's really working with Local SEO.

In reviewing what Andrew has found, I was genuinely surprised at what the data showed was working versus the info found online.

Thought I'd share it in case anyone would find it helpful :) let me know if that's not okay.
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