...goodbye everyone...

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is being sent to the school as my father would open a gate to the school and i would walk though not giving a care as i then wpuld try to get used to the sunlight before standing at the forest hmmm where is this school geez if im lost i swear ill be mad if dad sent me to the wrong place realeases a huge amount of energy

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Name: shade

Species: hell gatekeeper ((demon))


Monster form: picture ((human form is used often.))

Pet: A demon familiar snake.

Weapons: Luger and duel katanas that connect at the hilts. 

Teacher, Student: Student

Likes:food,cooking,fun,trees,cats,host clubs.
Dislikes: dogs,wings being pulled,water,choclate.
Abilities: demon magic,teleportation magic,illusion magic,and forbidden knowledge.
Bio: shade being the newest of the gate keeper demons he was sent to learn about his family's job.


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Name: Wade T Wilson but call me DeadPool the merc with the mouth

Age: unknown

Gender: Male

Monster Form: well I don't have one Its just in more of a my head is more insane and you never know what I'm going to do type of monster

Height: 6'2''

Hair: none

Eye: blue but there always blood shot

Bio: well I like chimichangas well here is my story just go by my comic or watch my movie it's pretty great this Ryan Reynolds guy play me perfectly to a K and than you will have my origin story

Powers: regeneration I have a magic satchel that I can bring out anything with infant be mind controlled or the user will go completely insane and I can't be pendant star either just those type of stuff didn't really work on me

Student/Teacher : I'll be what ever you guys want me to be wink wink I'll be your student or your teacher or both but that's me and I hope you accepts me because your missing out well while I wait I'll just sit in my chair and starch my nuts and take a blood bath as well XD plus I'm here looking for a person I was told by this weird looking bus driver guy that some pretty weird shit has been going on hear plus blade told me to go hear to learn more about monster before I fight Dracula but who knows oh and as well i killed myself before just got check DeadPool kills DeadPool it's a sad tail but it ends in a good note XD

And yes that is me in the picture and yes I did stole Dantes sword gun and jacket and pants XD don't tell me I own him an IOU

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My son will defeed all of u

How's everyone doing here? Anybody even here...?

Everyone. Please welcome our newest member of the academy. Miss +Ryuko Matoi & Palutena

Hm..not many students are here today..where is everybody?
looking around

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(hi I'm new here)
Name:Sakura Meiko




Likes:Making friends, any food, cats_dogs, drawing, painting

Dislikes:people bullying, mean people, snakes, mice, losing my friends


Personality:shy, cute, sweet, kind, funny

Bio/backstory:a mystery
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Hi I'm New To This Community....

Name: Torabisu Hippu
Age: 18 (not real age)
Gender: Male
Monster Form: A-Class Incubus
Height: 6'2''
Hair: Red
Eye: Gold ( Blue In Monster Form)
Bio: I Like Music and I will protect my friends. I also carry a rose around everywhere i go.
Powers: Incubus Charm, Flight(Wings) and Shape Shifting.
Student/Teacher: Student
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