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Hey guys, this is my first post here, so ya. I will add a drawing of her once I have time to draw her. Anyways, this is a Warrior Cats OC, and Cloudclan is one of the Clans I made up. Hope everyone likes it!
Name: Falconstar
Tribal Name: Falcon who Glides through the Clouds
Appearance: browns and whites, similar to the colors of a falcon. She has thickish fur.
Personality: A fierce cat, but will only fight if needed, not just for her sake, but for other cats as well. Like other cloudclan cats, she is swift and agile, and light on her paws. She is loyal to cloudclan but is willing to break the Warrior Code if it is for good reasons.
Backstory: Born into a litter of three, she lived with her mother in the nursery with a sister and a brother for the first six moons of her life. Shortly after I became an apprentice, there was a big food shortage, and we almost starved! This was because the twolegs started moving their monsters all over our territory, and the poison in the air made our prey sick. She remembers one of her denmates as an apprentice died from eating a rabbit at this time. The monsters moved out after two, hard, months, and the air eventually became clearer. She became a warrior late because of this disaster, but she was given her warrior name, Falconstar, when she was 18 moons old (talk about late >.<). Falconstar was chosen to fight in the huge battle over some new found territory, the biggest battle in her lifetime. After that, her life continued on pretty normally, of course there was still battles and such, but much smaller (they will probs be in a fan-fic. anyway, this is the end of the backstory, the way she fell in love with Eagleheart will be a fan-fic by me and Jasmine yay!) 
Rank: Leader (she-cat)
Clan: Rain, cloud hybrid, but she is in cloudclan (She doesn’t know her dad is Rain, neither does anybody else but her mother and father)
Mate: Eagleblaze (warrior)
Kits: Birdkit (she-cat, Beautiful Bird who Sits on the Trees); Featherkit (she-cat, Feather that Falls Slowly through the Wind); Swiftkit (tom, Swift Mouse that Outruns the Cats); Cherrykit (she-cat, Cherry that Tastes Sweet as the Breeze)
Mother: Mossheart (elder)
Father: Toadfoot (elder, Rainclan)
Littermates: Mudpounce (tom, warrior) Lightningheart (she-cat, warrior)
Friends: Lightningheart (littermate); Dawnpelt (she-cat, queen); Pigeonheart (tom, deputy); Breezestreak (she-cat, warrior); Crowfoot (tom, warrior); Cinderstone (tom, warrior); Cherryblaze (She-cat, warrior)
Also, I just read the first post that was made to this community, and I PROMISE I will get a drawing up soon :3. Also, please please PLEASE give me some better backstory suggestions, I totally suck at them. I will even take an entirely new backstory, which is kinda what I want preferably. Thanks for listening!
Edit: I made a drawing, but I am having issues adding it, so look for another one of my posts for the drawing :3 thanks!
                                                ~ Mixie "Ava" Flower

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I posted this already, but I made some updates to the drawing. I hope it looks better! Anyways, I present to you, Falconstar!

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Age~ 11 in cat years

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The only main things your oc needs to have are a pic that's MUST be drawn by you , name , and age+ gender
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