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Last name: Ross

First name: Diana

Nickname: Raven hair, blue eyes, professor curves

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: human

Ethnicity: German

Residence: New York


Personality: a cold woman with an obscured way of expressing her feelings. Not the most emotional woman but one who if carefully watched has a heart of gold.

Behaviour: very close to snobbish and uptight. Always thinking of herself as a superior.

Likes: Red apples, never the green ones. Reading good books on mythology and other fictions and horrors. She likes watching documentaries on animals to, she can always get lost watching those movies.

Dislikes: green apples, being told she's wrong when she's right. When others try to twist her words.

Hobbies: writing a book on gardening, and gardening.

Background: Librarian past / professor at a prestigious university present



Hair: long silky black hair. Like the feathers on a ravens wings and as dark as the sky.

Eyes: dark eyes in some lights it looks green when really it's just a strange shade of brown.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120 lb

Mannerism: she's very primp and proper. Though when flustered she can be a little clumsy but not enough that it looks super dramatic. Just little things like tripping slightly.

Speech: very calm and mellow, it's almost soothing unless it's bad news or her scolding you. But even then it still feels nice to listen to.

Other: Diana had gotten a tattoo when she was 19 of a blue bird. This was a symbol from when she was apart of a gang.


Parents: Father, who died only 4 years ago when he married her step mother. Step mother who passed away a year ago.

Siblings: a younger brother who attends the collage where she works.

Growing up Diana had it rough. Her mother died after her brother Louis was born and things hadn't been the same for her father till he remarried to an awful woman that only used her father for influence in society. This cause Diana to later join a gang a a rebellious phase, she was never caught doing or carrying drugs but she was caught when aiding in a convenience store robbery. She had straightened out since then and went to teachers collage to start her job as a professor.
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"Humans are very weak; they break easily. If they are broken, that means that everything is over."

Name: Tomoe

Age: 628+ (Appears 18)

Gender: Male

Species: Yokai (Formerly)
Kitsune (Fox Person)
Human (Current)

Birth Day: August 19th

Blood Type: O

Height: 6'3"

Occupation: Land God's Familiar

Home: Mikage Shrine

Status: Alive

Relationship: Romantic (Current: None)
(Former: Yukiji)
Master (Current: Nanami)
(Former: Mikage )
Family (None)
Friends (None)

Trait(s): He is handsome, cunning, sly and possessed of a certain allure that those he meets often find difficult to resist. He does not appear to be wholly unaware of his attractiveness, and is quite pragmatic about employing both his looks and his charms when it suits him. He is also unusually strong sense of loyalty and honor.

Abilities: ability to control vast oceans of foxfire, a supernatural inferno capable of quickly reducing his enemies to piles of ash, a formidable swordsman and can change his appearance and that of others with the aid of enchanted leaves. He has exceptional hearing, strength, dexterity and a dependable "sixth sense".

Likes: Enjoys roller coasters, bamboo leaf covered rice cake, a clean area, having his master around.

Dislikes: being alone, disobedience.

Skills: Cooking, fighting.

Appearance: He is described as beautiful, with long silver hair and fox ears on top of his head, He wears Kimono's over traditional modern clothing unless completely necessary. his violet eyes are narrow and beautiful. He is quite tall and has held his long hair in various styles till it was cut to a short length.

History: (Warning, this information was taken by The wikia page for the anime Character.)

Tomoe's life nearly came to a premature end 500 years ago when he was taken by surprise in a brothel by Ikusagami, the god of war. The gods had decided Tomoe and Akura-Ou's murderous rampage across the human and yokai worlds must come to end, and for that purpose Ikusagami borrowed a special, sacred sword and went hunting for the white fox.

In the resulting battle Tomoe's sword was broken by the superior weapon and he was mortally wounded. He fled to the countryside only to collapse near a river, dying, with a band of armed humans hot on his trail. He made a last desperate effort and transformed himself into a child to fool his pursuers. However this too came perilously close to failure, if not for the timely arrival of a certain kind, beautiful young girl.

Tomoe's life before coming to Mikage shrine was violent and bloody. His early days as the companion of Akura-ou, the demon king, were spent carving a path of death and destruction across the human and yokai world. Their rampage came to an abrupt end after Tomoe was attacked and critically wounded by the war god Ikusagami. However, some five hundred years later, the wild fox is still known and feared by every yokai he meets.

The specific events leading up to Mikage's binding of Tomoe are related to his equally-mysterious romantic history. Long ago, he fell deeply in love with a human girl and made a pact with a fallen god to live out his life as a human, dying when his beloved did. Something went wrong, as he did not become human, but was dying all the same when Mikage found him wandering in the woods. Thanks to Mikage sealing his memories, Tomoe remembered nothing of this area of his life prior to meeting Nanami.

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nickname: kitty, ember
real name: amber vankouwenberg
likes: an assortment of things like drawing,music, and singing.
clubs: in chorus
dislikes: being lied to cheated to, and haven things stolen from me

looks: a baby like face, looks 16, short red hair, purple glasses. usually wears a pink hoodie and infinity scarf

i gently walk down the school hallways, loking at the crowd pass by. i stop an sit down on the bench, looking at peple come and go, wishing i didnt have to be at school today. you saw me and you.

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Hey Nobody's here ?
I would like to RP (15-20 line)
I'm very alone
And I'm looking for someone.

Guys let's make some hardcore hentai together please?

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