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Dear si-Fi user,

We are happy to inform you that a brand new version of our si-Fi software is officially released. It is called now siFi21. Although it is a completely revised product with several new features we have tried to keep the intuitive user interface from the previous versions nearly unchanged.

What is new? Besides other improvements, siFi21 implements now a new sophisticated algorithm for RNAi efficiency prediction based on thermodynamic calculations for siRNA strand selection and target site accessibility. But the biggest visible change is probably the introducing the RNAi design module, which will help you to select optimal target site for your RNAi.

We would recommend you to have a look first on the Quick help file, which includes also some background information that should help you in understanding the siFi principles:

Please be aware that the first start of the siFi program may take a bit longer because the software will configure the system. Next starts should be faster. Also, creating a very large DNA databases may take up to several hours on some systems. Please be patient and wait for the message for successful database creation.

And last but not least, siFi21 is as before free of any charge and it is distributed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA).

siFi21 download link:

Thank you for your interest to you software,
Your siFi team

A new version of Blaster is available (small bug fixed):

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My new software siFi21 is availble soon!

Of course Python powdered ;-)

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I am still looking for beta testers! The most recent versions are available at:
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