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Compiler Design – Assignment Questions

1. Construct an operator precedence parser for the grammar SàiEtS/iEtSeS/a, Eàb/
c/d, check the acceptance of the given input string “ibtaec”
2. What is shift reduce parser, explain in detail? Consider the grammar Sà(L)/a
LàL,S/S, check the acceptance of the given input string “(a,(a,a))”
3. Construct predictive parsing table for the grammar EàE+T/T, TàTF/F, FàF*/a/
4. Construct NFA for r=a* | b*
5. Write a short note on NFA, Regular expression, Transition diagram and Token
with examples
6. Verify whether the string “id+(id+id)” is accepted by the following grammar or
not, by the predictive parsing EàTE’, E’à+TE’/€, TàFT’, T’à*FT’/€, Fà(E)/
7. Construct NFA for r=(a/b)*abb
8. Construct LALR parse table for the grammar SàAa/bAc/dc/dba Aàd, check
the acceptance of the given input string “bdc”
9. What is recursive descent parser? Construct recursive descent parser for the
grammar EàE+T/T, TàTF/F, FàF*/a/b
10. Explain the different phases of a compiler, showing the output of each phase,
using the example of the statement Position := initial + rate * 60
11. Construct SLR parsing table for the grammar EàE+T/T, TàT*F/F, Fà(E)/id
12. Define regular expressions? Give some examples, State and explain the properties
of regular sets
13. Construct FA equivalent to the following regular expression
14. Construct the CLR parse table for the grammar SàL=R, SàR, Là*R, RàL
15. What is ambiguity in grammar? Rewrite the grammar to eliminate ambiguity
EàE+T/T, TàT*F/F, Fà(E)/id
16. Construct predictive parser for the grammar Sà(L)/a, LàL,S/S

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Assignment 2

Question No
9 – 16

Submission date ( on (or) before)
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