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Iam noor from Iraq.I want to learn Germany language. If anyone can help me , we can connect on whatsapp.I don't know anything about the language of Germany. Help me please.

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German Exercise

“German Exercise” is a free application to support everyone in achieving foreign language certificates of Euro like A1, B1, B2, C1… ,German exams. It helps to review knowledge of German accordingly via quizzes which have the same formalities as official exams by Tests.
(Only for device android)

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Ich bin nhaven kummar.
Ich komme aus telangana aus india.

Hello I'm from Brazil. Actually, I want to learn German while I'm learning English. Could you tell me where I can start?

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EN. Low German dictionary with translation in High German, English and Dutch. The dictionary also provides definitions in Low German.

NDS. Wöörbook vun de plattdüütsche Spraak mit Översetten in dat Hoochdüütsche, Engelsche un Nedderlandsche. Dat Wöörbook gifft ok Definitschoons in dat Plattdüütsche.

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EN. The German version of the group for those who speak German.

NDS. De düütsche Verschoon vun de Grupp för de Lüüd, de Düütsch snackt.

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EN. Another group all written in Low German to practice.

NDS. En anner Grupp all op Plattdüütsch schreven üm öven to könen.
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