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Tom Brady wins 5th Super Bowl

Atl 28 NE 33

What u say?
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Atlanta Played a great game tonight, but I wouldn't bet against Belichick with 2 week to prepare. 
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Mjr R

Discussion  - 
Early 2018 Super Bowl Predictions Las Vegas Sport books

Lions 70to 1

Just above the Rams, Browns and the Jets
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Jim Caldwell does not need to be fired. He's been our best coach in a long time. 
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We got to the playoffs, 2 out of 3 years, when Calvin retired I thought you could put a fork in us. The last Lions Coach's to get into the playoffs more than once was Wayne Fonts, and Bobby Ross but they had Barry....who does he have, Stafford has shown more progress under him than any other coach we have had, and the offense he runs requires the QB to make on field adjustments, he treats the players like adults, and he holds them accountable. I think there is a big upside to his management style, the team has been so mismanaged for so long, that some continuity would be beneficial, plus I think Caldwell is a Righteous Dude and if some of his character rubs off on the team, in the long run we will be better off. 
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Jim Armstrong

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With the Chargers leaving San Diego for LA, do you think more cities should retain the name of the team, as Cleveland did, along with all the records. Or should they just chill out and if another team whats move in and call it home well just let them
I wouldn't be able to accept another team calling itself anything but the Detroit Lions. Or should the shameless owners of the teams that like to run away and get a do over, be tarred and feathered? What do you think. 
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Personally.... I believe that if a team leaves their city.. they should leave the name with the city....

But in the grand scheme of things.... I don't care enough about it to really make a stink. Just care... just enough... to post about it right here.

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David Mardero

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Pacific Pro Football--Good for the game?
Not exactly Lions, but it is the off season. The new league will start in a little over a year. Read the article link below and let me know.
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No, it's a gimmic
I don't*t about it
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+David Mardero​ teams may buy into it just like the teams are doing with the NBA developmental league where NBA teams are buying there own dleague team, but not buying a team but just supporting them financially and sending players from the practice squad to play on certain teams. It could work if the NFL supports it.
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David Mardero

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Lets see if we can get the 7,500 + member votes.
How do you rate Quinn's 1st draft class after 1 year? ( Normally they evaluate after 3, but let's go for it now)
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Thumbs down
Middle of the road
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After his press conference, he's following the script too. Accountability never came up once during his summarization of what's behind, or going forward. 😒👎 
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What they need? A lot! 🏉
I know it hurts Lions fans. Just when you started to finally believe in Matthew Stafford, and Jim Caldwell, it all came crashing down with four straight lo...
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+Grace Yancy Not an understatement at all. If Rodgers or Brady were the Lions QB the Lions would still be in the playoffs, and if Stafford were GB or NE QB they would be playing indoor gold or playing video games right now. There are only a very few QB in the history of the game that make other players around them better, and win despite their supporting cast. Hell GB has a worse running game than the Lions yet they keep on winning.
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I got a sleeper RB for the Lions right here, draft this guy in the middle rounds, he could be what we need to go with AA, ZZ & Dwash, trade Riddick for a draft pick, him and AA are too similar and you can't have two small RBs to lead your team, we all know how that turned out, AA is the better RB. Western Michigan was pretty good this year and you see what he did to them, I would draft him with the pick you get for Riddick.🏈
Even in a losing effort, Toledo running back Kareem Hunt logged his highest rushing yardage total of his senior campaign against Western Michigan on Friday night. Hunt topped the 200-yard mark rush…
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If Taco's there, no brainer and every team out of the top 5 needs their head examined. This guy is going to be scary good and could easily end up being the top DE in the NFL.

I'd love for the Lions to move up and grab him, paired with Ziggy, and with Hyder as a breather? Wow, lights out. I don't see the Lions doing it, and Taco's flying up the draft boards.
Would instantly improve our DL without even replacing the DT's who we definitely need to address. 
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Jim Armstrong

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A couple of years ago when we went 11-5 this community had over 32K in members. I would guess we are down to the hardcore lions fans at this point. We have had a lot of disappointments over the years. We have survived the loss of great stars, some by trade, and a few by retirement. We have survived the worst President/General Manager in all of sports. We reached the lowest point in the history of the league under his guidance. We will continue to believe that this team will rise from the ashes, like the proud city that they play for. I hope that management will continue to restore integrity to the organization, which is what Millen really destroyed. Whatever the past is, is what it is, the future hasn't been written but when I look at the historical results I am optimistic. Looking forward to the 2017 season. Go Lions!!!
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+Brian Crocker
C'mon now Brian, we all know 2017 is going to be THE year.
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Warford could be gone? 
'All I want to do is play football and block three-techniques.' -- Detroit Lions OL Larry Warford
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J Krah
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Travis Jones

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers gets penalized after taking Atlanta Falcons cornerback Robert Alford's helmet off with stiff arm.
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What was the score? Didn't even watch either game
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David Mardero

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Former Lions coaches Washburn and Modkins have been hired by the Chicago Bears for OL and Running back coaches respectively.
The Lions have nothing to worry about there!
Thank you Bears.
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Thank you Bears, bravo 👍👌
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Twentykixx _

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Why keep a coach because he's under contract? Is Quinn silly?

Folks, this team will have a tougher schedule next season. So guess what? Our chances of winning 8 games with last minute heroics is slim to none. I like Matt, but he needs a supporting cast, and frankly our coach cannot gitter done. Bottom line, he's mediocre and had a Tony Dungy team when he won the SB. Basically Peyton was the coach running the Offense, and left shortly thereafter, leaving Caldwell holding the bag. With Peyton gone, he was gone. He needs a QB to run the game for him, or nothing. Matt is not a baller, he can play QB in a system that a great coach derives from within his core talent. Caldwell doesn't have these attributes, he's not an X-n-O's guy. He's a behind the scenes guy who covers more of the business end of it. Quinn said it himself, "he let's the coaches coach". Well, how does a OC and DC get acumen if the head coach starts staring into space... "Hmmm, let me think. I'll get back to you." It's bull, they want to finish his contract and then bye. Why not now?

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+John Holman​ I thought you said you were done. Can you please stick to you word so the adults can have a conversation?
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Steven Ferris

Discussion  - 
Now that we are out of the playoffs, Who is the Lions Community rooting for of the remaining 8 teams? Why?
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The only time I like Mr Rodger is when he kicked Dallas ass HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How to make the Lions better right now with who they have right now, what I would do.
Oline starters:
Decker, Glasgow, Swanson, Dahl & Robinson upfront, let Warford and Reiff walk, trade Thomlinson for a draft pick while you can.
Dline starters:
Ziggy, Ngata, Robinson, Hyder upfront,
Zettel and Bryant at the ends, let Taylor walk, keep Thornton at DT for depth and draft another DT in the draft, let Walker and Charles walk. Draft another DE also.

Whitehead, Levy and Williams, move Levy to MLB and get your money's worth out of him. Draft some LBs, keep Bynes as a depth guy, bring back Bostic. Move Whitehead outside.

Safeties: Quinn and Killibrew start
Backups Wilson and Bush, draft another safety.
CBs: Slay and Lawson start
Diggs and Barnes, draft another CB
K: Prater
P: Martin
KR: Roberts
QB: Stafford
FB: Burton
Trade Riddick, let Boldin walk,
WR: Tate
WR: Jones Jr
WR: TJ Jones
WR: Jace Billingsley
WR: Roberts

RBs: Dwash
RBs: rookie draft pick

And here we COME?!!!
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Like most of what you two put Robby n Dave, dont think I'd make any other changes. I dunno about Robinson at RT though.. Trading Riddick intrigues me.
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A blast from the past when Men were Men and the Detroit Lions had a good football team hope we can get some mojo back in the draft in 2017?
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Briggs Stadium AKA Tiger Stadium got drunk @ a lot of games AKA Bleacher creatures they had to change the beers to 2-3 to keep the dumbass from killing each other good times.
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He ready to GO

He loves Detroit and would love to continue playing here. But his rookie contract is up, and he's prepared to test free agency if it comes to that.
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Joe Dahl could replace him at RG possibly, Riddick and Thomlinson are trade bait if I'm the GM.
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Edgar Rivera

Discussion  - 
Early to tell, but seems like 2017 should be his last season in Detroit.
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What's your Facebook handle and let me see how cute you are you little bitch what is it
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David Mardero

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To all of you Lions fans, keep up the support, and we'll see you next year for hopefully a championship.
Most of you may disappear from this community in the offseason, but the 5 or so of us who stay to post or comment like every off season the past few years, looking forward to your opinions on the draft, FA, and signings again in the upcoming weeks/months.
+ŔÕBBŶ ĦÂŔŤ​ , +John Holman​, ......

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It'll be interesting draft again and I'm sure will be better then we are right now this GM is doing fine for now it's just we need so many positions filled if you spread it out we don't look like we improved so much that we concentrate on one side of the ball and draft they're entirely then you'll see what a big difference but also you'll see the other side short changed depends on how you want to do it or what's available that you can't let go to another team a lot of variables
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