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A necessary chip has fallen. Good news here.
I am glad we don't have to hear about how valuable it is to pay a guy 1,000,000 to hold the clip board and look at film, while he is taking up another position which can be utilized elsewhere.

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what​ do you think?

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Is this guy the answer at CB?

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Should we pay him?

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Should we draft this guy in the first?

I need some damn sports to watch no football no baseball Piston so so Wings so so Nascar in two weeks.

I get impressed and excited about Stafford and the receivers until watching the super bowl. Either team makes the Lions look like a practice squad. Taking baby steps is getting old. Bring back Milt Plum and Night Train Lane.

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What's on your table for the Super Bowl

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A few things to look at: Orlovsky should go, just about a million dollar savings.
Brandon Pettigrew Should go 3.6 Million Dollar savings, Has Not done well in all after 6 years, he has not developed into the player we need and he should be.

Defense: We need player's who'll ignite a fire under the "D" and get back and remain the defense it was the first year Austin came in as coach.

Running game, a healthy RB and a counter part to Abdullah.
Work a bit on the "O-Line 
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