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I just got some new Lenovo L470 laptops and I'm getting an error that I haven't seen before. It happens when we try to boot in PXE. It shows that it connects to the server and downloads the mbp file, but then goes to trying to boot via ipv6 and then restarts. I have updated my boot images with the Lenovo Storage and Network drivers.

Ok... Imaging windows 10 and using the "copy profile = True" option to capture all my settings and config's to the software installed and user profile when I captured the image.... Image takes, but everything start menu is broken (yes I've googled like everything.) Is this still a glitch from Microsoft or has anyone gotten past this? It basically makes my windows 10 image crap and all defaults are set .... and I have to change the statement to "false" to get it to work in the image deployment... Any fix's ? workarounds? I am using the win 10 enterprise edition 1607 version. I can't seem to find anything that works for this issue.

Hi Everyone – I’m having trouble imaging Windows 10. I have a Windows 10 VM (Hyper-V) that is all set up – office installed, etc. If I run the Capture Media iso to create the .wim file on the server, it images OK but the start menu will not work – you can click on it, but nothing happens.

If I take that same Hyper-V VM and run the same sysprep on it manually, then use powershell to convert the .vhd to a .wim file, it images great with SCCM and the start menu works properly. Any ideas what is going on here? It seems like something is wrong with the capture media, so I tried re-creating it but had the same results.

We are just starting to play with deploying Windows 10 with SCCM (2012 R2 CU3). We Created a task sequence to do a very basic windows 10 install (only drivers and sccm client) using the .wim from the Windows 10 Education edition ISO (version 1151). We imaged a laptop and a desktop and both machines immediately show high cpu(100%), disk(bouncing 1%-100%), and network (10-30 Mbs) making them unusable for +24 hours (and still going). If we unplug the network connection everything calms down and the computers become responsive. Anybody else seeing anything like?

I can't get SCCM to cleanup WSUS. In my wsyncmgr.log file I get "Failed to delete orphaned content folder <path>, error 0x5" In searching it appears to be a rights issue but I have tried changing the rights of my SCCMADMIN account and still not having any success. Anyone know what rights I have to give to which account to make this work?

Is anyone imaging Windows 10 with Intel i217-LM network chipsets?  We have HP EliteDesk 800 computers that will miss part of the task sequence due to not loading the nic driver.

Anyone have a winPE driver for network card : Intel Ethernet Connection L219-v that works with SCCM?   I've tried like 10 different versions and I cannot get this stupid Dell Optiplex 5040 to capture my image due to the NIC driver.  Just reaching out to see if anyone has these or has gotten past it.    Nothing new... typical SCCM / driver junk.  I'm so sick of these driver version issues.

Hello All,

I updated my infrastructure recently to 2012 R2 SP1 CU2 and for some reason one of my DPs would not let the XXX00002 and XXX00003 client update packages distribute. I was getting errors every 30 minutes or so in the logs.

I attempted this powershell script on the main site server (, but that didn't resolve the error for me.

What ended up resolving my issue was so simple that I wanted to make sure to post something here. You simply place a "client.acu" in inboxes\ and then monitor distribution. (

Hopefully this can save somebody some time.

SCCM 2012 - 
We are finishing our sccm 2012r1 rollout, and are creating a windows 10 deployment for it, I am used to using build and capture on 2007, but I am struggling to use it, I think something has changed in regards to the way it works, I added the wim from the source folder into operating system installers, and can see the name, it's pushed up to the DP, I can see it in the content status, I click on task sequences, create a new one, select build and capture, and it won't let me select that package so that I can build the reference machine, i can only select operating system images. Is my memory failing me? Am i missing a step? Am I losing my mind?

Does anyone have any advice on pushing Firefox via SCCM?  Preferably in a way that disables updates and the first time startup junk?

I have tried a couple guides I found online but not having much luck.
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