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Hello Jammers! And welcome to my Help center. I am your owner, Epaj and I am a AJ player! I have made this community to help jammers that are new or either have questions about the game! So if you got a questin, come here and ask!! So, Time for some rules!

•NEVER bully ANYONE in this community.
•Don't tease or cuss.
•Try and help as much as possible.
•Absolutely NO spamming.
•3 Warnings and unfortunately your out.
•Never reveal Personal AJ info, eg. Passwords, emails ect..
•Be kind. Please. These people came for kindness.

So, I hope we can answer any questions you got! Thank you so much for joining.
Yours sincerely, Epaj :)

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hellppppp!! is a star rug worth a rare long?? please dont just 1+ i need ur help!

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Hai guys im just new here. My member account was hacked by a unknown person and changed its password. The membership is my bff's gift for my birthday cuz in my country they dont sell any menbership cards. I was so mad and crying cuz thats only my membership and now its gone. ;-;
Can i ask if someone has a unused membership code email it to me:
Also my hacked account's name is twinkle36.

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Heya guys! Sorry that I haven't been posting much, my internet ran out and it's very weak now :c luckily, I will get it back on the 1st of April! Also, Has anyone completed The Spring Festival? Post pictures of you playing or almost completing it!

Something good/rlly bad happend so here it is
I Had just got back from lucky clovers with a green long and i was rlly happy and then i saw someone that had my dream epic plushie so i traded my green long for it but turns out 4 epic plushies is worth a long or a bad short is worth an epic plushie so this is a diagram to show how its a scam
1 bad long for an epic plushie
Green long- 1 bad short 1 good short
So i basically got scammed of a good short collar
So does anyone have at least an orange short wrist so i can get the good short?

I did a really unfair trade, I traded my orange short for a diamond shop spike, because I didn't like the colour of mine so the next day I logged on and the diamond shop spike was gone even though I didn't recycle it or trade it away

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How Do I Get Into The Epic Dens List?

Heyo guys! Today I was wondering.. How do you get into the Epic Dens list? I thought that alot of people had to visit your den but I ruled that out. Anyone else know?

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Heya guys! I'm really sorry for not posting much because I haven't been on social media for AGES! I normally go on AJ and I chat with my BFFs so yeah, I am staying, I'm just not doing much :) I hope to post again soon!!
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