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This creature is another species I've invented, it is a type of more evolved synapsid likely from the therocephalia line which continued to evolve more advanced aspects without "interruption" but also retaining an ancient look.


I've created this community for everyone out there that feels the profound urge to create something new, species of plant or animal, buildings to cities, islands to planets and beyond. Whatever and wherever your imagination takes you I hope this community will be a place for you to not only to share your art and creations, but to encourage, nurture, and expand your imagination.

To keep things going smoothly around here and ensure that everyone's experience here is positive I'd like you all to look through the rules and follow them here.

The categories are mostly self explanatory.....

Discussion: asking for advice, community or art related topics, suggestions, ect...

Fauna: animal species, bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, fish, bug, ect, or even any combination or new type you can imagine.

Flora: Plants and whatever.

Landscapes and Architecture: meadows, ponds, oceans, forests, homes, cities, planets, realms, wherever the imagination takes you.

Fandom Inspired: I'd prefer that these be kept to a minimum.
I'd like to not have this section for fear of this community becoming a solely fandom based community as fandom inspired creations are stifling to the imagination, but not allowing it is also restrictive to creativity.
I only ask that you think outside the fandom box.

Technology: cool vehicle concepts, space ships, futuristic gadgets, whatever you can think of bring em on over!

Random Ideas: for the other stuff, furniture designs, clothes, door handles, what ever.

Stories, Bio's, Written Works, and Lore: for when you want to add more depth to your creations or just write.

Updates "Staff Only": community changes, ban broadcasts, and so on.


1. Be polite and courteous
No rude language, harassing, insulting, and bullying.
If you can't say something nice then don't say it at all.

2. No Spam
Follow me posts, buy this posts, unrelated randomness posts, and trolling aren't welcome here.

3. No theft
Stealing another's art, ideas, original characters, species, creations, ect will not be tolerated here.

4. Please post in the correct categories
Nobody likes a messy community.

5. Please leave your baggage at the door
Politics, drama, and whining are harmful to the creative vibe.

6. Advice
If someone asks for advice then do it right, give positive suggestions, give them something they can use or don't bother at all.

7. Inspiration
Being inspired by someone or something is fine, but if it's too similar to someone else's work then it has entered the realm of ripping off someone else's idea. This is a grey area so tread lightly.

8. This is not an adopts, trading, and selling community.
There is way to much drama that goes on with those and I want nothing to do with that mess.
This place is meant to be a peaceful place for people to just let their imagination go wild and show off their creative talents and not have to deal with little kids screaming at them that they can't make something because of whatever arbitrary reason.
If you do have an idea you think you can market, "you can do whatever you want with whatever you create" you can still show off your new ideas here, just take the marketing part elsewhere.

9. Think before you post
Keep in mind that there are kids on this site as well as those who might not be comfortable with certain things, considering that I ask that you not post images of extreme violence and gore or anything of a pornographic nature.

I'll keep a three strikes policy around here.
If you break the rules you will be given a warning, small mistakes are no biggie, everyone makes mistakes, forgets to read the rules, accidentally posts in the wrong category or community, but if you ignore warnings and continue to break the rules, get mouthy and argue them to the point of being unreasonable, block owners/ mods so that they can no longer perform their duty in regard to you, or do something really unacceptable I will be forced to give you the boot for the sake of the community and other members.
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