this Sunday I will be at Peoples Church to recruit volunteers for the Albanian Outreach. Please pray that the right people to come in this season.

By God's providence I was able to contact with another Albanian brother who is living in British Columbia. So far this is the only Albanian I know in that province who believes in the Lord. Praying for divine connections with the right people!

A lot of thinking regarding the same-sex marriages. Slowly the un-godly behaviour has become normal. THat;s why the BIBLE needs to be preached and the Word of God will educate and inspire those who really love God. For the rest, God have mercy...

Albania went through almost peaceful elections. We will have a new government soon. May God bless the new leaders of the country

My name is Endrit and I'm an Albanian church planter in Toronto, Canada. I want to connect with like-minded christians to share info, experiences and network to make sure that no Albanian is left unreached with the Gospel. We can't afford any excusses, so better find working solutions to present a working Gospel to an atheist, religious and materialist-oriented ethnic group. Thanks for joining forces with me. 

It is needed a channel of communication between Albanian pastors in Albania/Kosovo with church planters in diaspora to follow up on people who immigrated and not connected with any church. How we can make that simple and workable?
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