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How's your GS70 treating ya so far?

laptop gaming MSi yang berkualitas dan tipis dengan bugnet 7,1 juta

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Hi everyone, quick question here, Im getting a new laptop and had settled for an MSI Apache PRO ( know, its not the GS70 but I really need some help with this), it has pretty much everything I could ask for with in a reasonable price, but just as I was about to buy it, I decided I would see how good it could handle linux (mostly fedora or Elementary OS) as it will be my main OS (will onlly use Windows for some light gaming) AAAAAAND, im not loving what im reading, aparently its a pain in the ass to get dual bootting, but mostly of all Ive read they are looking to keep windows. I wouldnt mind a clean wipe and re installing windows later, is there anyone here with this distros on an msi with who I could have a little chat? ;D

Ill leave a link to the laptop in quiestion, Ill be using it manly for photo editing, and graphic design (InkScape)

Thanks a lot.

Sei uno stronzo mi hai rubato la donna

The holes on the top of the laptop above and next to the keyboard, are those air intake?

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