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okay so heres my updated rules.
things that will no longer be tolerated you will get one warning but after that you will be removed.
1) spam post or post with links will not be accepted
2) bullying of any type will not be tolerated.
3) 'repost' and "+1' post will be deleted.
4) requesting a partner who "cuts" (you will be banned)
5) posting pictures of self harm woulds or anything triggering
6) posting someone else photos pretending to be them (cat-fishing) not okay
7) excessive profanity will not be allowed
8) any sexually explicit post (and yes asking for "dirty talk" counts) you will be banned.
9) racism is not tolerated at all
10) if you are under 13 or over 19 you will be removed from the community this is a TEEN group only.
failure to obey the basic rules will get you one slide but second time offenders will be removed or banned depending on the rule they have broken.
this community is and has and will always be a SAFE place and if i think that you are jeopardizing anyone's safety it will be taken care of swiftly and sharply.
that being said since i am the only monitor of the group and it takes me so much time to scroll through all the post checking for inappropriate content after this week i will be making all post be sent to me before approval in to the community if something happens in the comments tag me ill take care of it.

Hey im a 14 year old straight male looking for gf around my age message me on hangouts for more and sorry no picture right now im just a bit shy and im new sooooo ya

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Kik: Littlevampireboii

Hey I'm Ryan
I'm 15
Strait looking for a gf

I'm matthew, I'm 15 and single so girls hmu. snapchat: tbwpofficial

Hey, my names kaylee
I'm 15 going on 16 in 2 months
I'm single
I'm bi
And I'm looking for a gf or a bf
I need someone that lives in the terryville,Plymouth or Watertown area
HMU on
Or on my hangouts

Hello just joined what's up everyone

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Hi I'm new here my name is AJ and I'm 15 years old looking for that perfect somebody and anybody can add me on kik am_dragongp or snapchat amunoz5247. Thanks :)

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I just turned 19 and I'm getting pretty tired of being single. Hmu if you are tired of being so gle too.

HaI I'm New Here Dont Know If Anyone's Still Active But Hey

Kik: Kurai.Gene
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