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What is The Hero of Time Saga going to be like?

The Hero of Time Saga is an animated series that portrays the games The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, and possibly even events that come after that depending on it's success. It will not follow the original storyline of those games, however. I've been meaning to create a twist to the original story.
You see, it's not called "The Legend of Zelda" for a reason. This story won't be a story passed down by the royal family, this story will be told from the Hero of Time's perspective. This is the reason why the teaser starts out with Link telling what happened.
According to the very first interview back in 1998, Miyamoto claimed Link to be around 7-8 years old in Ocarina of Time, which would make sense because in Japan you're considered to be an adult around the age of 14-15. But even in an adult's body, he still has the mind of a 7-8 year old.
It's hard to imagine that Link was able to keep his sanity through both games. Heck, even an adult in such reality would lose his sanity, Triforce of Courage or not. The Hero's Shade from Twilight Princess (as we all know is confirmed to be the Hero of Time) proves he never lost his sanity. Because even after Majora's Mask, he came up with a plan to help out the Hero of Light. So how did he remain his sanity?
Navi and Tatl have been beside him during his adventures, but truth is they both seem to be somewhat awful partners. Both really just function as guides to the game; one being annoying, the other being rude.
So because we can't have Link end up as some kind of psychopath, I've been meaning to add a non-canon character in the series to serve some emotional support and to implement more lore to the story.
This same character will help solve things in the games that seem incorrect to the story from a logical perspective. For example; the Song of Storms paradox, or the fact that you can undo 7 years of a coma by just putting the Master Sword back in the pedestal.

I never meant to recreate the story just as it is, I mean even the mangas don't do that. But if I were to do that, everybody already knows what's going to happen and the lack of surprise would make it seem rather dull. This gives me more opportunity to surprise those that are known with the lore. Consider the story to be from an alternate universe.

Thanks for reading!

Hey everyone, I'd like to keep you guys up to date on what's going on.

In the past months, personal events have made it hard for me to focus on a lot of things and I have been in need of space to recover myself and clear my head from all the trouble. Worries and stress have been holding back the progress. Now I'm doing somewhat better, I want to inform you on how I've been doing and what is going to happen from here on.

Ever since I continued college from January onwards, I have been struggling with debt. This means that even though I'm nearly done with college, I will have to sort out my debt first before I can continue with clarity in mind on the project. A new donation page has been made that, unlike Patreon, doesn't take fees from either patron or receiver. If you'd like to support the project you can do a one-time donation of a coffee here;

I am quitting Facebook, which means that future updates will now be distributed through Twitter, Google+, Twitch and possibly YouTube itself. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven't already. Due to the new YouTube policy, I am like most animators struggling in order to meet the requirements to generate monetization.

Over the course of time, I have been looking for better communication channels and created my own Discord server. Feel free to join this discord to get in touch with me. Here you can ask me questions, hang out, play games, and so forth.

Aside from finishing college, I have been working with other Zelda YouTubers to spread more awareness for my own project through YouTube. I have nearly finished the redesign of the Macintyre channel and have other future collaborations in store. They are put on hold for when I can fully focus on the project again. I have also been working on a website with possibly an own donation system. I figured that I can work on the animation all I want, but if not communicated properly, I'm afraid it may be the downfall of the project. Due to the new YouTube policies, I have also been aiming to expand the channel further to cover more different kinds of Zelda content related to the animation project.

Thank you for reading and I hope I can still count on your support for this project.


We're picking up the progress of the animated series next week!
Stay tuned!

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Merry Christmas everyone!
I can't wait for the project to be resumed next year!

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So fun fact. The chanting in the fire temple was removed before any versions of ocarina of time hit store shelves. And the chanting is also from a publicly available sound/music library. All my claims can be proven here if you want the evidence

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Prepared the newest software, so I can get back to work in roughly 2 months from now. Excited as drawing Adobe Animate doesn't give me extra work anymore on cleaning up the lines! This was a big issue before which costed twice the amount of time simply to draw something properly. I'm already quite excited to get back on it again! As you can see more preparations are made, I won't be using just Adobe Flash/Animate anymore.

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Hey everyone! I haven't let you know anything for a while.

I'm aiming to finish my college in January, meaning that after that we're going back on this project full time! However I can only pull this graduation off by focusing fully on college right now. I don't want to take the risk of extending my graduation. Till then, I'll publish some updates along the way on how things are going to get back on this project again. For now I wish you all a
Happy Halloween!

Made by Tsuyu!

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Greeting Boss! i got ideas for you on TLOZ the animated series!

for Dark Link appearances, when link Travel at the temple or whatever the location hes going.

will Dark Link appear like come out into his from shadow.

will Dark Link appear by Crowing into a Dark pieces.

will Dark Link appear by the power black stars.

will Dark Link appear by pool of blood.

what do you think my ideas? if you have a better Schedule like Dark Link appear near by the tree just like the game. let me know....


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main theme: the Major's Mask music

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