walks around the school grounds singing we don't belong

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Name: Ryouko Ookami                           Kishin

Gender: female


Race: meister

Height: 169cm tall if not a little less.

Appearance: Very long, light-brown hair and brown colored eyes,common outfit is a black short sleeveed sailor school girl uniform with red tirm, a red tie,a black choker necklace , a black, ankle length skirt with slits at the sides and held up by a loose, white belt, black knee length socks, and brown knee length boots with black laces and toes. The soles of her boots have a wolf pawprint on the bottom.

 personality:  tsundere and very fierce personality, just like a wolf

partner: i dpnt have one yet, i hope to find one soon

wielding: i can use boxing gloves, or any sword.....

abilies:  like being in close combat hand and hand, quick reflexs,defence high,

likes: weak spot for cute dogs and reading romance novels, and being bossed around if their worthy of my respect

dislike: being bossed around, and roaches

i has a slight resemblance to Holo the wolf goddess from the anime Spice And Wolf and  shows many similarities to Taiga Aisaka from the hit anime, Toradora!
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He-hello... ^^; It's.. Um, it's nice to be here.. I guess... looks around nervously I'm.. I'm Crona. And.. My blood is black.

Name: Crona
Age:  Um.. I-I think.. 15 or so.
Gender: F-Female (I RP as female Crona)
Race: Meister
Appearance:  Um.. Skinny.. And messy, lilac/pink hair.
Personality:  Shy..
Partner:  Ragnarok
Abilities:  Black Blood
Likes:  Pasta, Maka, Kid, friends, things I can deal with, corners, pillows, quiet, Lady Medusa, Ragnarok
Dislikes:  Things I don't know how to deal with, Lady Medusa, Ragnarok
Bio: Lady Medusa wanted me to become a Kishin, but Maka saved me from the hell inside my head...

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Name: Rosearia Dusk

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Weapon

Weapon: Chain Scythe and Demon Sword

Appearance: In the picture below

*Saving the world

*Death of partner
*Evil Souls
*Fights between friends
*abandonment of me

Abilities: Swiftness by the holder and very strong against enemies

Personality: I am very shy at first. If I become your partner. I will always be there for u and always be loyal. I will never betray u. I am sweet and kind.

Bio: I was abandoned by my meister when I was 12 so I am meisterless. I got my eye stolen by a witch so I wear an eye patch. I look for a new meister every day in hopes to find one that wont abandoned me or hate me.

Everyone... I am looking for a meister... I am meisterless at the moment

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Thess are my weapon forms! ((I am Rosearia now))
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I found a meister! Its +Ishida Moro

ok just an idea but lets all invite all our friends who like soul eater and different soul eater communities so we can get this community more people and me a good meister

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~Profiles layout Student~
Name:  Dawn
Age:  16
Gender: Female
Race: Weapon
Appearance: look at picture()
Partner: just moved to DWMA and looking for a partner and is in the EAT class
Abilities:  can turn into a Nodachi(A Japanese sword with a long, curve blade. Used more frequently on horseback during the Sengoku Jidai.) Kodachi(The kodachi is a sword of medium-length, shorter than the katana but longer than the wakizashi. Besides being a lethal throwing weapon, the kodachi can be used as a second sword. The kodachi has a higher defensive capability than the katana as it is easily to maneuver.)
Likes:  i like music, singing, im a funny person and i dont like drama
Dislikes: i don't really have any dislikes.
Bio: im a loud and very opinionated, im sassy but also is very kind and loving. I don't like showing people my real self because i was adopted and believe no one is trustworthy until i get to know them and then i trust them and love them with my whole life and heart

I'm looking for a meister to wield me so just give me a message through hangouts or private post me and maybe we could be partners
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Name: Luka

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Bio: He arrived from an orphanage. His family was brutally murdered. His mother was a Miester and his father a weapon. Came to the academy to live.

Personality: Secluded,, Shy, Doesn't trust others easily.



Race: meister

Partner:  Black Song

Abilities:  Soul Resonance
Soul Menace
Soul Perception
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