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Name: Julian Tobias Barnova


Gender: Male

Species: Human as of known

Powers: He can used unforgivable curses and other types of magic

Personality: Comes off a tad bit cold, can be races, loyal, semi quiet,mysterious is some ways.

Likes:Books, operas, poetry, balls, work, enjoying a glass of brandy by the fire.

Dislikes:anyone who is a mixed with non magic, a few nonmagical loving families, his sister

Power ottk (not needed just expands on what your powers do):

Ottk (not needed):He is from one of the purest magical using families.

Bio (not needed):Julian Tobias oldest child and next lord of the Barnova family, Julian was raised to be hateful on non magical families and ones who are half blooded. When Julian was 5 he became a older brother his sister who's name is Vanessa smart girl but one day things had fallen out with the siblings Vanessa fell in love with a non magic user Julian didn't approve of it so he decided to put a stop to the love birds romance until something happened..... (to be continued and Vanessa will be the next profile)


Name: Elementor

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Elemental

Powers: To control the elements

Personality: I have 4 different personalities. One is air. Another is water. Another is earth. And the final is fire

Likes: Nice people. Friends. Pranking at times.

Dislikes: Mainly bullies or mean people

Power ottk (not needed just expands on what your powers do): I can control the elements as long as they are in the area.

Ottk (not needed):

Bio (not needed):

Pic: I will post them in a different post.

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Name: zervis

Age: 16

Gender: male

Species: unknown

Powers: fire and dark magic

Personality: loner but can be talked into making friends ,dark and mysterious

Likes: unknown

Dislikes: unknown

Ottk (not needed):

Bio (not needed):

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