Facebook and Google+ are alike in the sense that they are both social media sites, but there are some pretty big differences. The thing I like most about Google+ is the "circles" feature. Circles allow you to choose what audience you are sharing something with. Unlike Facebook, you can pick and choose who sees what. For example, you could create a circle that is for people you work with, as well as have another circle that is strictly for friends. In my opinion, this was a great idea, because oftentimes people want to post vacation pictures on their social media sites but are afraid it may get them in trouble at work. Facebook is different, because if you post something to your profile on Facebook, every single one of your friends can access it and sometimes everyone who has access to the internet depending on your privacy settings.
Another big difference is Google+ has "hangouts" where you can video chat in high definition with other users. Facebook has messenger, but messenger only allows you to send 15 second video clips, so you are not chatting in real-time.
I believe in the future Google+ will add more emphasis on photo albums. Instagram and Snapchat are doing well, so I think focusing on the picture side of social media would benefit Google+ tremendously.
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