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This is the new public home of the Mutant Crawl Classics discussion group. I will pretty it up this weekend.

Thank you for your patience.

I ran Sky High Tower at Gateway Games in Cincinnati tonight. This was a brutal funnel. It claimed 8 of the 16 0-levels that participated. Seven of them died in the fight vs the 'roach men. Terra AD is truly a lethal place. We haven't finished it yet, but everyone had a great time thus far.

Is there a key of some sort for the Terra AD world map from the endpaper at the beginning of the rulebook? It would be nice if there were something giving descriptive guidance as to what the colors represent as far as terrain. Some are obvious, the green jungle areas and blue bodies of water. However, what's the pink and brown areas? Anyone know?

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Ran through another Erica Barlow MCC adventure yesterday, this time run by her husband Andy. As usual, fantastic! They will be running this at Gen Con, so be sure to sign up. Pictures contain spoilers.
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My friend took over Judge duties for our first run at MCC. Normally you invite 12 people and 5 show up? Well, we invited 10 people and 11 showed up. He was a real champ - ran Museum at the end of Time for 11 Players (2 -0-levels each). So fun. We had people drive an hour and a half just to play MCC for the first time. My last scratch-off character made it back out (I lost both my zeroes early). Meet my new 1st Level Plantient!

I ran "Attack on the shy high tower" Sunday at Norwin Game Knights July meeting. As i was setting up I had four players., my son was was in charge of making sure everyone got 4 zero level characters. (Thank you Purple Sorcerer for the generator) I got pulled away from the table for a minute. I come back to 8 players and 36 zeros.

Partial spoiler....

My players need a destination so I mentioned a solo mountain 5 day to the west that lights can be seen on at certain times of the year. During the night a meteor shower disturbs there rest. In the morning 2/3 of my players say " on to the mountain" ....the other 1/3 say " lets look at meteor".
Splinting the party already....
So the long story short ...the meteor group finds a smoking relic of the ancients.
It has writing on it...."V GER"

After the audible groans and chuckles they decide to crack poor V GER open and empty it of all the shiny stuff.

Team V'GER meets up with team mountain outside a cave complex on the mountain. The small cave complex has 2 rooms one with a crevice and one with a lake.. The group wanted nothing to do with the crevice so swimming in the lake seemed like a good idea. A few characters later the crevice seemed a better idea

After finding and exploring the station only half enter the car. The rest of the adventure was standard death by treadmill by croach my maid robot.

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FYI for any of y'all who may not be in the Glowburn community
Hey everybody! I know you're eagerly awaiting episode 16, but while it is in the nuka-wave oven baking we're already getting set to record episode 17! We'll be talking about Manimals and Plantients so if you have questions, comments, good stories, or weird growths contact us now!

Actually if you have weird growths you should probably go see a medical professional...

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Horrible atrocity-filled vermin...

Hey everyone! Just joined. Anyone have any suggestions on the Scientist class from ASE (Anomalous Subsurface Environment) to convert to MCC? Is it even possible?

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Want some simple rules for vehicles in your post apocalyptic setting? Check this out! Latest entry into my Glowing Sea & Electric Skies MCC homebrew setting.
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