So i guess this place is dead....

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I'm up for a repay, but I go to school on the weekdays. Anyone else wanna roleplay?

Deawthing, a demon cat from a different world, discovers unusual things on the earth.

+Cutey the neko​

Ok I'm done... I'm bringing this place back to life..

Hey Guys Its Been Awhile Since Ive Be Here Anyone Wanna RP??

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Naмe: Maι-Yιng

Age: 12

Seх: ♀

Bιo: Lιved ιn Cнιna aѕ a DJ and ѕтarтed тo тravel тнe world. Loveѕ ғood. Playѕ all ĸιndѕ all мυѕιc. (Can'т тнιnĸ oғ noтнιng elѕe)

Favorιтe тнιng: Food, Mυѕιc, and colorғυl darĸ тнιngѕ

Non- Favorιтe тнιng: ѕad people, ѕoмeone тaĸιng мy ғood

(Idĸ wнaт ғeaтcнιrѕ are)

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Name: Jennifer
Killer Name: Dream Catcher
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Killing, Candy, Parties
Dislikes: Party Poopers, Vegetables, and Frowns
Weapon: Hatchet, and poison candy
Description: Jennifer (Dream Catcher) is a party animal and is proven to be INSANE she enjoys watching people die... rumor has it she plays with her victims to death

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stares at my bloody tied up victim and smiles awww don't die on me yeet! It was just getting fun! holds hatchet to my victims neck and I'm covered in blood hehehe

Anyone want to rp?
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