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Josh Pine

Discussion  - 
We've recently released a new (AND IMPROVED!) Minecraft Server List. We've already secured some good traffic and are proud of how things going so far.

Now, the good news for server owners! We're already getting quite a lot of traffic. However we don't have many servers (50 odd total at the moment). This means for only a few votes, your server could be at the top of the list in front of many of potential minecraft players every day.


It's a win / win we get great servers listed and you get great players joining!

So, if you haven't yet list your server now!

Cheers & happy crafting!
Find fun and new Minecraft servers. Browse our server list by category like PVP, MCMMO, RPG, PE, Survival & Towny
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Zach McCullough

Discussion  - 
Coming from /r/Minecraft, all I have to say is that gold hoes are best hoes.
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to break :P
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