When I Stopped Talking
When I stopped talking, I realized my voice meant nothing and finally understood that my voice meant nothing

When I stopped talking I had realized I wasn't important so I no longer had the concern or care for your needs.

When I stopped talking it was to avoid an argument because I dare not speak about your members, that was obviously more than me.

I stopped talking because I got use to holding my feelings inside, truthfully how I felt never made a difference because I didn't matter.

When I stopped talking, I began preparing myself to change, to change my heart, to change my mind, to change my feelings, to change my life, and to change my actions.

I stopped talking because I grew angry, and even angrier when I thought back to my sacrifice that usually forgotten and later taken advantage of.

I stopped talking because you were out of God's order, disrespectful, and never wrong, you never apologized, never made the first move to fix it, because when I stopped talking it was no big deal.

When I stopped talking, You stopped talking because it wasn't your way, to your liking, it wasn't what you wanted or needed, or your members wanted or needed.

When I stopped talking, but talking to myself out of leaving you because I continued to find good, so I negotiated with my mind and my heart that didn't match my feelings that kept telling me to just walk out.

When I stopped talking it was because I walked out and followed that voice that didn't stop talking.
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