Passed on for other agents:
Alert: Tomorrow, Friday December 4th we will be observing an all comms, a Five Minute Moment of Silence to honor the fallen agent @kojen who passed away during the San Bernardino Shooting. Please spread the word that both factions will be honoring his memory tomorrow by ceasing all activities beginning at 12pm (noon, MST) the time the shootings occurred. Thank you all in advance for your support in honoring a fellow Ingress Agent.

Tomorrow school is out for five days. Any one have time to do a mission day?

Is anyone free this Friday.

I will show you how to set up Ingress and we will all walk down the the events together meet in lunch room after 8th or meet in front of Mrs. Pusies class room. Β (Mix choir room or boys choir)

Walk home with me after school.

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The game is free its a gps game so you have to walk around to play the game. Β The more you level up the better gear you get to blow up portals.

Come early on Friday to set up your Ingress account. And also to farm. Β We will teach how to link it to and how to mod it. Β We will be hacking for keys to link it all together.

Invite your friends to play Ingress and then add them.
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