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Hmmm, could the Fortune 500 be next?
According to the Inc. 5000, we've grown 8,798% over these last 3 years, and raised $11.7 million in revenue last year. Yeah, that sounds about right. And that's only because we've helped our clients to raise over $208 million since mid-2014, which has been a lot of fun!!! Not all projects respond so well to our skilled marketing but, if you've got a worthy product or service, then we'd love to see what our seasoned professionals can do for you---so, please submit it right away through our website!

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Thrilled to share this Kickstarter for a dramatic, fantasy short film set during the Dark Ages on the Isle of Skye.

It's going to be very atmospheric - with gorgeous cinematography and a heart-rending story about a son trying to live up to his father's wishes.

Check it out here:

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At 60 years young, I started The iSexy Party Network® out of self-preservation! I didn't want to become a homeless old man in the upcoming future because, like a lot of people who've worked in the service industry, I didn't have any 401ks or money saved in the bank!

It didn't take me long to realize that I can help others generate income, find discounts & Free stuff, raise money for charity, entertain people, help bars & businesses thrive again and with your help, tie it all together with VIPR.

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Over the last 5 years, we have developed projects that are completely free for artists. However, to continue developing projects and have some sort of future, Art Galaxie needs to be auto-sustainable, or its existence will be compromised.

We are asking for you to help us maintain this project, and also keep growing, starting off by bringing this below book to life.

We have been giving to artists all this time, and now it is us that need your help so we can continue giving. Your contribution is not to us, but through us.
Any contribution made towards this fund is GREATLY appreciated!

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NXT Bag - A practical and stylish insulated everyday bag!

Why take an ugly plastic bag, Cheap backpack or your kids lunch box to work when you can take the nXtbag - NXT Bag - The first truly practical and stylish insulated everyday use lunch bag!

The nXtbag is great for all chapters of your everyday life, work life, social life, shopping life, your other life?.....this bag will go with you anywhere!

The nXtbag is extremely durable, looks great and makes you look great tool! With 2 colours to choose from you can really make a statement of style and practicality!

The nXtbag is made from highly durable waxed canvas and is insulated on the inside and pockets, which will keep your food warm or cold and you looking cool!

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The Social Club: Brooklyn-based theatre, performance art, drunken revelry, and funding for our first ever full-length production. We would be honored if you’d join us on our endeavor!

Any and all pledges are greatly appreciated.

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Dear global #Patriarchy,
We're pleased to announce your expiration date:
10/6 2020!

The event itself is still super secret — but here's the good news:

You can buy the t-shirts already! GO NOW TO ⏩⏩ ⏪⏪

#Patreon #Feminism #Feminist #Revolution

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Personal Safety Solution based on Artificial Intelligence, which helps you while travelling to unknown places, informs automatically to law enforcement/healthcare and nearby people in a situation of medical emergency or crime

Its Not for Profit, Kindly Support !
Smart Safety App
Smart Safety App
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