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welcome to The Union Aerospace Corporation
All profiles must be Doom related
Human or demon or hybrid:
Faction UAC or hell:
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Name: Michael
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Powers: None
Weapons: Super Shot gun Plasma Rifle Heavy Assault Rifle
Human or demon or hybrid: Human
Faction UAC or hell: UAC
Bio: UAC soldier and leader, he needs to go on a mission to hell and find the Doom slayer with the help of Samuel 

Michael UAC soldier: on my way to hell I was greeted with a hard floor, I said to myself "we're not in the UAC enymore" as I walk more to hell I consider myself "knee-deep in the dead", on the way i see skulls dead body's and all I wanted to know what happened to this people as we walked we put a check point to mark our path so we wouldn't get lost in hell " that would be horrible "we leave weapons and supplies back to the check point so if we go back l, after more walking we get attacked by a group of demons i say FIRE as we fire we killed the demons in cold bloodand we went forward and then more walking and walking and walking and walking till we found the Doom slayer i was so surprised we take it and we get back to the UAC i would not tell how we got him, and as I got back to Mars I promised to myself I will never go back to hell. 

Did eny one see my grandpa with a shotgun?

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Name: The Second Doomslayer
Age: uknown
Weapons : Chaingun Boomstick/shotgun Fists Chainsaw anything i see mine!!! BFG 9000 Plasma Riffle
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Powers: Rip and Tear!
Faction: UAC
Bio: A surviving Knight Sentinel that wakes up to kill and kill and kill Hell is bad murder them all!!!
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Meanwhile on Mars looking around for more demons to kill armor is some what bloody Fists at the most holding a Double Barrel/ Super shotgun walking around inside the Facility staying silent walks over a dead body crushing it's arm by walking over it but clearly i do not give a fuck Open to anyone please join!!!

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Name: Kulak Santorini
Age: 27
Gender: male
Powers: none
Weapons: super shotgun / plasma rife / BFG10k
Human or demon or hybrid: HUMAN
Faction UAC or hell: UAC
Bio: Kulak Santorini is a marine private working for the U.A.C in sector C of the mars city labs. He has a kill count of about 50. The weapons he is most skilled with Is the U.A.C Plasma rife / the super shotgun and the bio force gun 10K.
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