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Greetings everyone!

I'm writing to you today in response to Google's announcement regarding cancelling G+. I don't think this comes as a shock as Google has eluded to doing this for a while.

The first point I would like to make is that G+ is still going to be around for the next 10 months so there's no need IMO to "jump ship" right now. Scrambling around creating new Whitehack sites on MeWe, Discord, Facebook and others will only fragment our community.

Secondly, we have created and curated a lot of fantastic content and it would be a disaster to loose this. To avoid this, I will be scraping all the content from our community as an effort to import this content into our new home. I'm assuming that Google will have someone introduce an export feature to G+ at some future point before the service is finally shutdown. If this does not happen, which is a possibility, we will have a backup.

Finally, with regards to where do we go after G+. Personally I think we should wait for the "dust to settle". There are a lot of people from other RPG communities exploring options and I think we should wait a month or so and see where the majority of them end up. I also read somewhere that there are 2 projects currently being developed to provide a social network for RPG communities.

If you would prefer to leave and start up something new please let me know, so that I can provide you with the exported/scrapped content (once I have it) so that you at least have a foundation to work from.

Happy rolling-under to you all!

Update: To follow the discussion of G+ alternatives, please take a look at:

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So, I guess I can say that this morning I did some testing with Whitehack and a spanish fan-translation of the setting book of Greyhawk. It was so easy to adapt the world without any effort.

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Whitehack + hole punch + leather a5 notebook = the perfect mobile GM setup.

Dice are Gamescience, notebook is the Arcana Note

Hi everyone - not a fan of MeWe - has a discord been set up for this community?

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To keep showing how Whitehack works well with different settings, let's try to gather some references thay may be helpfull.
What are your favourite settings to use with Whitehack?

White Curse

Yoon Suin ( also referenced by +Brian Ashford )

Gardens of Ynn ( also referenced by +Brian Ashford )


Mark of the East

Adventures in Middle-Earth (referenced by +Daniel Kušan)

Deep Carbon Observatory (referenced +Brian Ashford)

Veins of The Earth (referenced by +Jason Knepper)

Hot Springs Island (referenced by +Jason Knepper)

Iron Kingdoms (referenced by +Falk Flak)

Maze of the Blue Medusa (referenced by +Christopher Weeks)

Cyberpunk 2020 Setting (referenced by +August)

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Just for your information, somebody has created a Whitehack community in Reddit :

It seems that it will contain all the posts from this G+ community. Looking for new updates, it looks promissing.

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Has anyone else heard of Veil 2020? Apparently it's a mash up of Apocalypse World mechanics and Whitehack for running Cyberpunk. It sounds awesome.

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If you know something about Stoner or Doom music, you may know about Sleep.

There's a song from that band called Dragonaut ( which made one friend and me wonder what was a Dragonaut (in Spain, we don't use that term to define a dragon raider).

My friend argued that it was just a simple dragon raider, but since the song was talking about flying over solar seas, through Mars sky, or heading to the Nebula, my concept of dragonaut was like a dragon raider who travels accross universe (even through planes).

After that debate, I decided to translate that concept to a potential setting by taking Whitehack rules as an experiment.

It is truly clear that dragonaut can be a vocation or an affiliation. I came to the conclusion that the best option would be a vocation, maybe that vocation can be extended to dragonaut knight, dragonaut necromancer or maybe a dragonaut explorer....who knows?

Then I started to look at the character classes. First of all, I think that on 1st level, to make it interesting, no character would have a dragon as mount. They need to earn it. So, a good idea should be to get a dragon and maybe train it. (the stats of the dragons can be used with the rules of vehicles)

For deft characters, the affiliation group is not marked next to anttribute. Also, all the slots would in average related with the dragonaut culture: maneuvers, the proper dragon, mentorship,etc...

For strong characters, all combat options are compatible, so no change would be needed. Also, the power acquired from a killed enemy could be transferred to the mount.

For wise characters, the miracles should be partially oriented to the dragonaut culture, giving special powers to the dragon, helping it during the fly or maybe, travelling through portals or planes.

Of course, the dragon concept may expanded beyond the descriptions that are included on the monster list.

What do you think? Am I forgetting something?
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