I really love how the author lays out the adventures and campaigns in Whitehack. Does anyone have any more examples or explanations?

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Greetings everyone!

Judging from recent activity, it looks like most of our small community has been on Summer vacation. So to perhaps get things going again I would like to share with you a Whitehack play-by-post game that we started over Summer.

It's been a little slow, and that's due to me taking a few weeks vacation, however things are starting to pick up. We are about to wrap-up our first scene, after which the party will find themselves in Yoon-Suin. Woot!

If you are interested to follow along, the campaign has been made public so anyone can read our roleplay posts.

The party consists of 6 characters, 4 of which are played by our very own: +Dean Baker, +Barry O'Leary, +Doug Kilmer and +Nick Serluco.


Hey all. This weekend I'm starting new game where I'll be running Deep Carbon Observatory, thanks to to the inspiration from +Brian Ashford. During my prep I've come across some issues with the rules in Whitehack that I don't fully understand.

First, how are you handling perception tests? Do you handle it as a contest? Is there an easy way to handle passive perception? I think all characters should be able to make perception tests, and since I don't want any of the base classes to be better at perception than the other an Int test is most appropriate. If a character has a suitable group attached to Int (e.g scout) then he get advantage on the roll. And the test can easily be handled as a contest between the approaching foe and the character. So far so good. Do you have any advice on how to handle perception tests without rolling for the approaching foe, or on the opposite, if the character is approaching a guard stealthy?

Second, how are morale checks working? I have never used morale in my games, and I didn't get much wiser when I read the rules.


When you level up, do you spend the xp needed, lowering your total by the amount spent, or do you just keep accumulating the same number against the level-chart?

I've assumed the former, and I think a progression where first and second level cost the same but everything else costs increasing amounts is weird -- so that supports my assumption. But not everyone in my group made the same assumption. And I think the strictest interpretation of the rules as written goes against my assumption.

So, thoughts?

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Errin Larsen, the mothership is calling you.
Greetings Whitehackers! I hope everyone is doing well, and for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere enjoying the beginning of Summer. :)

Time has been a scarce commodity lately, and in turn my gaming has suffered as is I'm sure with some of you has well. To try and remedy this I've been exploring Play-by-Post and it seems like it could be a good alternative.

I've looked into a few PbP services and the best I've found so far is https://www.tavern-keeper.com/. Are any of you familiar with it, or have played in PbP games?

I'm going to be setting up a Whitehack / Yoon-Suin PbP on TavernKeeper soon, and if you are interested to participate please let me know. I already have one player, and will accept another 4 or so.


Hey Guys, long time nerd, rpgeek, and proprietor of Excelsior games and comics in Hoover, Al. I also have an rpg FB group, Briefings for the Descent, in which we discuss all kinds of rpgs - - I do rpg-info posts for the group and am currently enlightening others about Whitehack. I have (and love) the current 2nd ed, but I'm also looking for a 1st ed copy to talk a little bit about game design and development choices. Anyone got a copy I could purchase from you?

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Another question on Groups, so if a character writes as a vocation "Warrior" along side Str, e.g. STR (Warrior) does this imply they get a double positive roll when they attack? I can see my "min/max" player loving that idea ...

As I like to give as much as I get, I found this page regarding a useful tool for Game Masters stuck for stories at Cumberland Games: The Big List of RPG Plots. Yet to digest it myself in full but it looks very promising.

I read about WH some time ago and it sounded cool so I bought it (1st Edition). I went as far as writing an adventure but never used either the adventure or the rules. When the 2nd edition came out I bought a couple of copies of that but alas they ended up on my shelf unread! Recently I came back to the idea of putting it to use and have a few questions after reading the initial pages. Given the game rules are so open there is no wrong/right answer but I wondered what thoughts other people who have played the game were.

- The Deft

Have slots (object/animal) they are attuned to. So do you allow (for example) a 4th level monk (2 slots) actively attuned to his staff (an example slot 1) and book (an example slot 2) to extraordinarily only use each one once per day or can they say use say the staff twice in a day if they chose to (but no use of the attuned book after the 2 slot limit is reached)?
An example of the Deft’s slot use I read (hope I have this right) was to hit the dragon’s weak spot and thus slay it with a “nigh impossible” shot with his bow. This does suggest one shot kills vs. big (boss) bad guy is quite possible (a roll would be required) – which seems pretty powerful? Maybe only allow if the PC actually knows of the weakness? (a little bird told him).
A deft attuned to a book of lore could almost know the answer to everything couldn’t they? – at least once per day to see if they know the “nigh impossible”?

- The Strong

4. ST bonus is +4 vs special melee attacks – sorry but what is an example of a special melee attack – are these the special combat options on page 18?

- Pre-generated Characters

5. Not sure if the allocated group for Ogil the Deft Twisted Antiquarian has been done correctly so I am sure its my misunderstanding, he has “Trade & Barter” after Cha but where did this “Group” come from?

- Species (Group)

6. There is an example how a species trait can work against you e.g. the DM says Dwarves can’t swim fast so that’s a double negative roll. I assume that only applies to the Stat that dwarf is assigned to? For example if my Dwarf had Wis (Dwarf) Cha (Dwarf) – getting double positive rolls for related tasks using those stats, how does Wis/Cha apply to a swim fast attempt (where Str or Con or Dex would be appropriate) – or do you apply double negatives in such situations even if the race is not written against the relevant stat?

I do love the openness of WH but wonder if it might get out of control if I am DM as I have a player who is way cleverer than me - actually both players are cleverer than me :) Still, hoping to convince the guys (who don’t like changing rules) a one shot of WH is worth a go. Maybe I should be Deft DM so I don't have to roll for the one shot attempt ...

I can't be bothered with RPing equipment shopping, so I'm going to institute this Haggling rule for players that might want a bargain when buying goods.


Roll Doubles vs. your Charisma. If both dice succeed you get a 10% discount on your purchase. If both fail you must pay 10% more. If either die is a critical or a fumble then consult the gm for additional rp consequences.

I can see players pushing this out with either higher stakes as exhibited in an AC. Or this could be an opportunity for an auction. But the flat 10% is there for the taking and happy shopping.

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I've decided on my next major sandbox to play with Whitehack. It is system neutral, I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes once I get it in my grubby little hands.
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