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Thanks to WyoLum for helping me get my project to the kit stage!

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Thank you everyone for entering the WyoLum Innovation Grant 2013.   This was by far the strongest cohort of entries we have seen.  It was very difficult to come to a consensus.    You all should be proud of your efforts and for your work in Open Hardware.  We hope you will submit again next year.

In the end we awarded $1500 to the Bicloone project lead by +Pierre Freyssinet and $500 to the AVR Programming Shield lead by +Ken Olsen.

See all of the entries here

Going through all the amazing submissions for WyoLum open hardware Innovation Grant 2013. It's gonna be a long, long, night !! ‪#‎WIG2013‬ Open Source FTW !

+Anool Mahidharia via Facebook:  
Not last minute, for sure. We've been reviewing the submissions all along and making notes. Last night was doing the individual scoring.
Today Morn, we had a hangout which is the most exciting part of the WIG (since last 3 year) - its like the Roman Senate. Everyone voices their opinion on each and every project. There's a healthy (animated) discussion on pros and cons. It's great fun - the whole process. Most times, we wish we could have money to give out to everyone.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a project for WIG2013.

Winner to be announced Sunday.

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This project is a syntesizer I made to help a blind friend use his multimeter and a caliper. While most of the more common household items have a "speaking" version, there are very few specialized instruments that have been adapted to make them usable by blind persons. This is a step forward in this direction, and I hope that my project can help more people bridging the gap by doing things they couldn't before.
Q: Why not connect it to a PC and use a PC synth?
A: The initial idea was exactly that, then we thought about making a bluetooth adapter to use a smartphone synth instead but my friend told me that a lot of blind people still use Nokias S40 for their better usability, so making apps for all the platforms may become a nightmare. Also, an independent device is, as the name implies, independent. A bluetooth version is still interesting through, to make data logging apps and more interesting stuff, so I think that I will develop that too.

(Sorry for the video quality, I've been a bit sick these days and I was having a big headache while recording; I added close captions to help you understand my blabbering)

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My entry for the WyoLum Innovation Grant 2013 is my Tiny 3-Axis CNC robot.  The current version consists of 8 3D printed plastic part and 3 micro servo motors.  The parts are designed to snap-fit together with few additional parts required.  (One zip tie, a rubberband, etc)  I've been blogging about this project since November at PlotterBot com ( ).

This cheap (about $2 in plastic, $5 for each motor) robot is easy to build and easy to control with the keyboard over the Arduino serial connection using the uploaded script.

All of the parts can be downloaded from Thingiverse ( ).  All the Arduino code is on Github ( ).  

Entry video:
Video of operation:

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Micro autonomous rover for use in STEM / STEAM curriculum... teaching robotics to students of all ages.

Hopefully the deadline is before midnight tonight PST!  Getting ready to upload my PlotterBot video.  :)

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I've been working on an open-source "sip and puff" computer interface for most of the past year that I am calling openSip+Puff.. The device allows you to use your breath to trigger keyboard and mouse actions on your computer with no drivers necessary! It can be used as a piece of assistive technology, or in any situation where you want to perform quick or repetitive tasks (like scrolling or during gaming) without your hands.

I really feel like my project is perfect for the WyoLum Innovation Grant, so I've prepared the attached video to throw my hat in the arena! Not only would the fund be nearly the perfect amount to produce 100 boards, but WyoLum's experience and support would be extremely helpful for me to make this project happen!

The full application can be found at:

And a complete BOM (with cost analysis) can be found at:

All of this information is also available in an article that I've written on my website:

If you have any questions at all, please let me know!
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