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I feel confident about my PBL next steps
I feel nervous, about my PBL next steps

I am in need of a trustworthy iron. Ours is no longer working well and I would like to get another one. Any offers?

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Hi Everyone, Nick and I would like to invite anyone who is interested in checking Grade 8's "public" venue for their awareness/advocacy campaign. It's this Monday, 5.22.17 in rooms b-23, b-27 and c-22 (in the middle school section). It's from 11-11:45.

9th Grade Solar House presentations will be happening on Friday 5th May from 8:30 - 9:10 in C28 and C29 if anyone would like to see what we are getting up to

OK PBLers. We're starting to wind down the school year soon, and so I wanted to check in with everyone and see how things are going. How do you feel about your PBL units and what are your next steps? How can this group work together to support each other? I would love to find some time for you to share your experiences, both good and bad, with the PBL units with the rest of the faculty. Do you have ideas on how you'd like to do that? Please share your thinking.

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This was my favorite project all year! Students tried to emulate "Lemonade," focusing on a specific poet, symbolism, progression/development of the poems, and application of the director's tools. Here is a great example of the final product that students made for Maya Angelou's poetry.

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HI everyone, Suzie sent a message that i wanted to share with you. She's also joined our Community so, please welcome her! More about next steps coming soon...'s a resource that came to mind after we spoke about possible outcomes for the slavery project: It's a good example of a project that leads students to raise awareness (and not with "easy" efforts).
More about Globalize 13:

Another idea might be to have students profile/raise awareness of modern-day abolitionists (with videos, museum-style exhibits, etc.).
A couple examples:

--Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Laureate

--Or GoodWeave, which focuses on eliminating child labor in rug making:
GoodWeave focuses on South Asia. I wonder if parallel efforts are happening in South America?

I'll keep my eyes open for similar projects. Glad to hear that PBL interest is percolating!

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My freshman are reading Fahrenheit 451 and will be making zines for their summative project. They are super excited and have been reading zines to prepare. Everyday they come up and ask if we are starting the zines that day. I'll save and share them at the end of the unit.

HI everyone! Suzie Boss has agreed to meet with us via Skype next Monday at 3:15. We'll be meeting in the small meeting room in the AC Tech Services office. It would be really helpful if you replied to this post with some questions you might want to ask Suzie. This way you can have a think about the questions you have ahead of time, and I can send them to her ahead of time to be prepared.

I'll bring some snacks, too!
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