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Hellow fellow nomands & backpackers
7 years I've been building a vegetarian free off-grid nomad base, but wiped of the planet by portugeese wildfires
All small donations are always welcome to build up the base again

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Dears Nomads!!! please remember about the servey:):

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I'm coming across to you with asking you to complete a short questionnaire about you, if you are a digital nomads or you feel that you are an enterprising:
I am PhD candidate and I conduct research on digital nomads and other entrepreneurial attitudes (a questionnaire for entrepreneurial attitudes by locus of control).
The questionnaire will take from 5 to 10 minutes. If you are interested, get to know more about locus of control, please contact with me. The results of the study after their completion can be shared if anyone is interested. (The publication of the study results is planned).
#digitalnomad #digitalmonads #nomadism #enterprising #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #startup #startups #locusofcontrol


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Monday! Time for a new Nomad interview! Meet Dave from @thattravelblog

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Fotowettbewerb: Dice sucht das Best IT Summer Office 2016

Der Sommer wird heiß! Wir suchen den schönsten, kühlsten, lustigsten, kreativsten oder ganz einfach besten Arbeitsplatz des Sommers.
Es winken 1.000 €!

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Hi #nomads !  We made a  #NomadInterview  to a experience #digitalnomad, Supi .
For sure is interesting to know another opinion  :) 
Not just good things are explain in this #video

[English language and Spanish subtitles]

+DNomad Club 

hey everyone any nomads out in northern cali humboldt area

good day every one ! well i have been kind of nomadic for the past 6 years but of course i was driving over the road too so ya know living in the back of semi tractor is pretty cramped loved to see the country hated feeling i miss it all lol
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