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The attached link is MANDATORY reading for any and all new editors in AZ. Please follow the guidelines in this wiki. Doing so will keep you off the "Grrrr!" list.

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Medical/Hospital place areas that need updated to the new place catagories

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May I get this unlocked. A new school has been built next door and cochise college now resides here.

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Good Afternoon, sorry to keep blowing up the page but doing some more editing. Adding parking lots to the main roads. Can I get an unlock. These segments are right next to each other.,1778169,1806450,74220644

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NB Loop 303 ramps at US 60/Grand Ave open this weekend! Need a #5 to connect my doodling at

My creativity is based on ADOT's construction map at

Also, the temp connections to NB 303 on the NW side need to be removed.

Thanks, Eric
Just a lowly #3...

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Help with UR:
I am having some trouble understanding why waze is not using the highlighted segment for routing.
 I have verified both in the app and wing WME route checker that waze really does not want to utilize the small road segment highlighted in the PL.
The segment is connected at both sides, no closures or turn restrictions. none of the surrounding road segments are new or have been update recently.
What am I missing?

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L4 unlock, intersection geometry needs help.

1) enable right hand turn
2) adjust angle from Benson hwy to S Campbell to prompt  a "turn right" instead of a "keep Right".
3) adjust the angle from Kino Pkwy to Benson Hwy. Currently there is no instruction to keep or turn.


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Need a L3 to smooth out or remove a turn lane. NB Cotton Ln to EB I-10 frontage road (Goodyear). In the app, whilst going north on Cotton, the app will say, "Turn right then turn right" [onto frontage road]. Yes, it says, "turn right" two times. Personally, I don't think the turn lane needs to be there but it should be smoothed out at least.

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