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Here is the download link and the video link of the game Neon Curve, which is a game for android devices.

 Neon Curve is an infinite, fun and addictive game, which will entertain you a lot and in which you can compete in the ranking table against other players for the first place and in turn will unlock achievements according to your score and game time will increase.

Keep control and on the road without falling, as long as you can.

Touch the screen to change the direction of the cube.

Be careful with curves and try not to get confused in the dark, otherwise you risk falling!

Collecting coins will increase your score.

Get five points for each coin you collect and one point for each curve you make.

Neon Curve, find it and download it now on Google Play.

How far can you go?

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Tiny Strike it's a dynamic and fun online shooter, in which you can fight enemies in PvP mode up to 6 players!
A variety of weapons, including AWP, shotgun, AK47 and M4.

Intuitive control with shooting in any direction. Open and interesting maps. Use bonuses to get advantage over opponents.
Hand-to-hand attacks and the ability to use modern super-powerful weapons and grenades.

Make your character unique! Use a lot of skins of rifles, pistols and knives!

Hello, I am in the process of developing a top-down rts/Moba game for iOS, Android, and Steam. I need an artist capable of making "cute" but menacing animal sprites and animations as well as an artist capable of making good looking tilesets. Artists can be the same person if you have both skills. Payment amount and method is negotiable and will be fair for both parties. If you are somewhat artistic pm me.

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Hey guys!

I just came by to share an interview I recently did with a friend that published their game to the Apple App Store. It took them a couple of tries (due to feedback Apple provided), but it was finally approved!

The game they created is called Last Survivor and was made with Unity. It is an apocalyptic zombie-style game for macOS.

Check it out below!

Hello there fellow game developers, Alex here.

If you had to give one piece of advice to an aspiring game developer, what would it be ?

Anyone her good a pixel art for a game my friend and i would rlly love you for our small game dev team you can reach us at

Hello, everyone!

Recently, I’ve been trying to form a game development team.

I don’t write this with any specific ideas in mind, and the reason for that is simple: I want a team in which everyone can contribute with ideas. I feel like it’s more motivating when you are working on something that you’ve dreamed about as well.

Only one thing: as 3D games are more difficult to develop, let’s start with a 2D project.

Anyone with any skills can participate. The only requirement is to be determined to do a great game. Of course, some specific roles need to be fulfilled:
Artists in general;
People to do SFX;

But what about designers, writers, producers and all the other roles that I haven’t mentioned? Well, I am able to fulfill them without problems, but if you want to design, write or produce, feel free to contact me as well!

Well, that’s it. Thanks for those who read all this and make sure to message me if you have any interest.

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you can put “Indie Games Developer”, and “Follow Us” somewhere. Otherwise your the Promo Pro I trust our judgement. Just hype it up your own way
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