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Hello All ASDF$weg members... and Eric... Today is June 16, MMXV (2015) or VI/XVI/MMXV (6/16/2015) Today is my mom's birthday HAPPY BDAY MAMMA!!!!!!!!! So, in thanks to my many members... and Eric... I would like to reward every member (including Eric) with a new system of mine.......   ASDF POINTS. From now until June 16, 2016 members of the community will be able to earn ASDF POINTS and see where you rank on the Awesome Super Duper Fun Scale (ASDF Scale)
Strive to be on top by then and you get 100 ASDF POINTS for the 2016-17 season. So all members have 25 points right now ranking you at the lowest rank... MARMITE. Try to get to DTFG (do the flop guy) before the 15-16 school year.

How to get points:
1. A short script for any ASDFmovie clip, such as Desmond the Moon Bear.
2. Vote in the top section of a poll on your first try and record your first choice in the chat section below


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Desmond The Moon Bear
Throw The Cheese!
Magical Pony
Driving Llama
I Like Trains

Hey ASDFmovie lovers welcome to the new community
I may have a troll face but i am serious
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