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"I might say that with the way you're dressed and strutting around my office like you are, that you're asking for it." Your lover said as he leaned forward and rested his elbows on his desk and folded his hands. "But we both know that if you want something from me, you have to honestly ask."
It wasn't every day that marrying for money went so well. Your father was in debt, and Mason was going to collect the money he was owed one way or another. As an act of desperation, you offered to pay it off in your fathers stead. You thought yourself incredibly unlucky at first that Mason found you attractive, but now you couldn't imagine being happy had things turned out any other way. He took you as payment for the debt, and you'd been his lover ever since. Things could have been better, Mason could be a little less devious and pay more attention to you without being enticed to do so, but things could have been worse to, because at least he was wealthy and a faithful man.
Right now though, you wanted his attention. It'd been too long since he'd taken you out anywhere, bought you something new, held you in his arms, or even slept in the same bed with you. He'd been working continuously and sleeping in his office all week, and you felt it was about time he returned some of the affection you showed him.
(Uke needed. Must be occasionally provocative, somewhat needy, and not overly feminine or shy. No text talk or three word replies please.)
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The kingdom of stars, solor year 1695


Prince Orin was next in line for celestial throne, the only son of the current king Leo. It was his duty someday to take rhe throne and rule the kingdom with all the same power and dignity that his father before him has. No weakness could be shown he had to be perfect that was what he had been training for his whole life. Yet he wasn't as strong as his father, and he never would be.

Orin the star king was born sickly something no citizen was allowed to know about him. For this reason Orin had to stay in the place like some rare gem locked up, and never seen by the people. His illness was rare amongst the star people, and it was known to cut ones life rather short. The star prince someday would be the weakest king to take the throne in 200 solor years.

despite his illness and his fate he still tried his best, wanting to be that strong prince everyone excepted him to be. He would work hard daily to succeed in all that he did, even if he would collapse form exhaustion during the lessons. Most days one could find rhe prince sitting in the garden painting the nature of the kingdom. Everything seeming to have stars captured inside them. He wanted to capture their beauty it was just his pleasure.


(y/n) was of a gang of rebels who wanted to take down the kingdom. The crown called the your gang terriosts monsters who wanted to create civil war and unrest amongst the people. You called yours freedom fighters. The crown had all the power the people deserved to have a say in matters, they needed to be able to speak out without fear of dying. The current king Leo and his father before him Cepheus have both been vary strong and cruel kings. The citizens have lost most of there freedoms, and their is great fear that his unseen son will be just like them both

With this fear in mind a plan was set in motion to get the current ruling family off the throne. The kings queen had recently passed, and he will not have another heir to the throne should something happen to the star prince. (Y/n) was going to Kindnap the prince during the glaxey ball. It was the first time the prince was attending a social event, and (y/n) would be able to seek in and make off with the boy. What would happen to him after that was up to the other members


The night of the galaxy ball (y/n) managed to seek in with ease with the masquerade theme no one questioned your placement. You blened into thw crowd of rich nobles biting your tounge as they talked trash about the unruly citizens. The whole ball seemed to glow with star light captured stars glowed high above in the chandeliers. Servants walked around with trays of sparking liquids in clear glasses like (y/n) had never seen. There was pastries, and other beautifully decorated treats on other trays passing by. Music played from a string quartet filling the room with music. It was rather breath taking.

The king stood in a corner chatting with some nobles making good face as he was supposed to do. Despite his cruelty he was rather good at playing nice. There was still no sign of the star prince Orin.

Orin stood behind the current dividing the ball room from the rest of the castle, he was afraid of what would happen. He thought he would make a fool of himself on his first pubic appearance. He took a breath and walked out to hear a voice call his name announcing his presence and letting (y/n) know that it was time to begin...

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Jericho was never a normal child. He despite being rasied in a family of demon hunters, took more acter his great great great great grandmother. One of the fea. He looked like a fairy more so then the rest if his family purple eyes, short black hair that looked blue in some spots. He was taller then most of his family staning at 5'9 to the average 5'7 that was his family. He was slender to all lean muscle like a fairy knight. His parents alwaus wondered if prehaps he was a changling and the fea had their real child, but no Jericho just happened to get more of the fairy traits when he was born.

He like all hunter children was trained to slay the dark creatures of the world. Vampires, demons, werewolves, and those who used their dark powers for personal gain. Jericho even growing up in this world was a terrible hunter. He just could never do anything right. Even the easy missons, somehow he'd always mess it up. Trip over his own feet, fall out of a tree, accidentally shoot hos partner, oh and there was the time he burnt down the training facility.

Jericho really wasnt cut out to be a hunter, but both his parents ans the order wouldn't let him leave. Hunters where dwindling, and despite how useless he was there was still a use for him. Grunt work the missons no ome wanted to do. Maybe that's how he emded up on a recon mission to gather information on a werewolf pack in Ryijo city.

He was armed of course he had his gun that fired sliver cross bullets. It was a little hand gun he also had a dagger on him as it was thw only weapon besides a gun that he was not awful at. He sat a small café in the city square; in the outside dinning area. He drank his coffee as he looked at the poor amount of information he got. He couldnt even get were the pack was in the city. He just managed to get a confirmation that they where here. Busy work. These missions where just to keep him busy.

He tapped his pen to the paper sighing. They should just fire me im completely useless. I'm a moron. Nothing I do is good anyway. Its almost like they keep me around for a good laugh. Jericho thought glumy to himswlf as he finished his meal and got up. Paying he left wondering with his head down not really aurw where he was going. He wasnt in uniform so it was hard to tell he was a hunter unless you saw the gun pokimg out his waist band with the orders insignia upon it.

if Jericho was a better hunter he would have noticed that he was being followed it wasn't until he had mistakenly wondered into a dead end alley that it became clear to him.

Jericho turned around to come cace to face with 3 people. His hand moved to his dagger, drawing it ad they cheaged forward as one. The fight was over just was fast as it started. Jericho had nwver been vary good at fighting. When they attacked he attempted to block only to get knocked on his ass, the next hit swallowed his world into darkness


"Is he awake yet?" (y/n)'s voice broke threw the haze, and terrible headache Jericho had. He slowly opened a eyes a vary little bit to see His surroundings. The room was vary dimly lit. He felt cold stone floors beneath him as well as a chain around both ankles. The only light in the room came from the window high up the wall. He must have been in a basement. His eye moves the person who had spoke. (Y/n).

"No, (y/n) not yet" A small girl spoke she was short 5'0 but he instantly recognized the brown haired girl as one of his attackers

when (y/n) looked over Jericho stiffened noticeably, seeing this (y/n)....

Commit if you wanna do a Seme Levi x Uke Eren and I am only good at being a uke so I will need a Seme Levi also if I do rp with you I will send you the rules.

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+Destiny Phoenix​​
we lived together for almost 2 years now and I thought we should have some time away together and decided that we take time off work and go to a hotel with a beach nearby, I packed our things and wait for you to come home and give you the news (surprise) 
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Heiko panted as both his eyes and head lowered to the ground, he had been running around all day running from one room to the other, cooking, cleaning and other errands (Y/N) needed or demanded done.
Heiko was a male of an unknown age, but he was told to be young boy, in his teens and of course he did not understand what the guest was talking about, he was a boy with sea-green eyes with messy black hair, skinny with some muscle from being worked till he past out after long hours of work. Heiko didn't know how to read nor write so if (Y/N) ever gave him something to read or write down he knew he would be punished after.

That was one of the many rules he had to follow; Don't read and don't write..After that it was one rule after the other and a few times he had broken them, every time he would get punished and each punishment was worse then the last one. Heiko can honestly say he wasn't sure why he was given this name (Y/N) barely used it unless guests were over or his master was ready for bed. Just about every night or sometime during the day, even a whole day along with night. Heiko would be put into either (Y/N) bedroom and played with or in another room where a lot of instruments and 'toys' were and he could honestly say he wasn't really looking forward to it..

After dinner was made, Heiko walked to (Y/N)'s master bedroom and knocked. Come in.. The black haired male opened the door and walked in, bowing low and waited for his master to allow him to speak...But he never did, instead Heiko could feel his master's eyes on him...Watching and slowly Heiko grew uncomfortable, he carefully took in the scene around him...The light was dim and his master was on his bed, moving, getting up...He could (Y/N)'s bare feet on the floor getting closer to him. Heiko didn't know how it happened, but his legs back moved without his consent, it all happened fast;
(Y/N) grabbed Heiko by his hair and yanked him up before slamming him against the door, pinning him against it. He winced as he saw his master wasn't wearing clothes, it was that time again...And he couldn't do anything about it and now, because he moved this will be so much worse, now this was a punishment. How long will this last? And how painful will it be?


Must be a Seme master

Need a descriptive 5+ lines.

PM's allowed, just ask.

Third person prefered

*No scat or anything like that, but other then that do as your heart desires.*
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((Seme needed. Must be six lines or more. No text talk and please be slightly descriptive. My character's name is Kita. Please comment below the name of your character and a description of them. Your character is convincing mine to go with yours. How you do it is your choice. Just know that Kita will refuse.))

"You when people say you're scraping at the bottom. Of the barrel. Yeah, I stopped years ago."

Kita Yoshimitsu's life has never once been easy. His family are poor lower class Japanese who moved to America to find work. They did manage to open up a small clothing store, but it was a rare occasion to see a customer. He did go to school,but of course he was bullied by almost every kid at his school because he didn't have the right clothes. They would say he looks like he just crawled out of the garbage and slipped on the first thing he grabbed that morning. His teachers tried to act as though they cared and said they would help, but not one had yet to lift a finger. His life was shitty to put it simply. He did have a few friends, though some of them only hung out with him out of pity. They didn't even acknowledge him during the days at school where others can see them together. There were days Kita thought of selling his body for money, but he knew it send him to jail if he got caught. He stopped wishing for a better life, because he knew such a thing would never come. He accepted his fate and knew nothing would change it.

Vampires are nothing in the city where Kita lives. They were supposedly coexisting, but humans knew that the vamps were had the government wrapped around their cold, pale fingers. Humans were forced to give blood at least once a month and if they missed an appointment, then the human was arrested. Kati didn't really care about the vampires. He did as he was told and went on with his life. It wasn't until he found out he was one of the very few humans that held a certain power to his blood.

It happened the day a noble vampire tasted his blood. It made him stronger, !ore powerful than any other vamp. He thought to track down who was the human who's bloodvhe had drank from. It took months, almost a full year before the noble found Kita and claimed him as his own. The boy was 18 (the age blood is at its ripest) and living at a shitty one bedroom apartment. The noble (you) would send him gifts and clothes, even large amounts of money, but Kita was quick to refuse. He wanted to keep his life the same and not deal with the disappointment of having the good things taken away suddenly. That was the idea, until he found the noble standing in the muddle of his living room.

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"The Valens are inhuman monsters, they don't think, they don't feel. They play at being human, but don't fall for it it's an act. The only thing they understand is death." The man growls as he walks, the mans brown hair blewn in the breeze. He wore a the crisp green uniform of the military. "If you see one don't attempt to attack it alone, they posses startling powers." the man turns on a heal, looking dead into (y/n)s eyes "I hope you new recruits understand."


(y/n) had always hated the Valens every since you were little, Monsters your father always said. Animals your mother would whisper when passing one on the streets. They use to be in the street all the time, but as more and more laws were passed their rights were slowly taken away

Tagged with their number and made to live in the slums, paid less, and so on and so on it went until they were hunted down and slaughtered in the streets. (y/n) never cared they were just monsters to you, so it was only natural that you would join the army to hunt them down like the monsters you sae them as


The date was October 15 3049, a rally was being thrown in support of a raid on the last standing Valen infested slum. (y/n) was working security hoping to stop any Valens from attacking the human gathered here. Your eyes sweep the crowed falling on a boy in red. He was tall about 6'4 from what you could tell, he had a red hoodie on and carried a old looking teddy bear. He didn't really look like he belonged with the humans around him he was wearing old dirty shoes and torn pants he definitely looked like someone from the slums, a Valen no doubt about it. He was clearly going to do something, a woman was with him she was wearing a school uniform strange Valens weren't allowed to go to school. This was clearly something you'd have to take care of before they could hurt anyone here...
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"Even beauty is found in the rot of war;"
"In the grass that grows from the mouths of dead men,"
"In the crimson pools that plague obsidian shores."
"And in a world such as this, war never descends;"
"It merely blooms again, like a field of ruby poppies."

((Roleplay will contain dark and extreme themes, such as war, torture, rape, and bondage. Be prepared to write descriptively, and match the persona of a cruel and abusive king, prince, or warlord. You may choose your character's title and race.))

It was not supposed to end the way it did.

Every warrior cried for the loss of their beautiful and holy queen as she was struck down before their ranks. Their sacred realms were brought to ruins beneath their feet. Their brethren and elven sisters fell beside them, with their own swords lodged between their ribs, and their own blood spilling from their gullets. But the elves fought on. Even as their land was ravaged by the opposing army and their livestock stolen, they had swore to fight until the bitter end.

And a bitter end it was.

The only elves that remained were a mere one thousand, being held as war prisoners in a kingdom that was not their own. They were forced into slavery, and when the king found out that the elf queen's own son was amidst his slaves' ranks, he had him caught, bound, and brought before him for his own personal use.

He was dragged before him now, thrashing in the guards' vice holds, angered beyond words. He would not be broken easily, but the king was prepared for that.
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