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Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Whether we say "hello", " Kumusta," or "what's up," the point is there is power in acknowledgement.  It has been written about  scientifically and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence.  It can be part of a powerful business tool, community tool or interpersonal tool.  It's what's absent between segregated communities, black/white, asian/white, 1%/99%. and alas democrats and republicans. How could this possibly have an impact on systemic racism or white privilege? You're asking the right questions. #StartWithHelloing

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I started writing about Start With Helloing and I was torn between writing something somewhat long and philosophical and writing something people would read.  lol so there is a longer piece coming.
The process behind SWHing is extremely important but obviously great gains come about by just engaging folks.  
I think at least two things though; 1) by doing the entire process on a regular basis you develop a modus operandi that develops into other areas of your life 2) It's quite possible you set up a vibration that pulls people in.
1. One quirky incident occurred at a restaurant we went to here in Alabama. I've been able to get in at least an hour of visualization and meditation a day here.  I was at a restaurant with my cousin, his wife and their two grandkids when a lady walks up to my table asked me if I liked hot food and then brought me a bottle of hot sauce.  The tables are supposed to have condiments including hot sauce, ours did not, I accepted it and thanked her.  
At one point I knocked over a full glass of lemonade.  It was too busy to hail a server I stood to seek napkins .  After controlling the mess the lady approached asking if I liked the hot sauce. "Yes it was great!"  The lady look at the bottle, looked at me and then, "here you can have it."
Is this a Candid Camera moment or a get punked by Ashton Kutcher moment or what? Uh-uh nope she felt lead to give me her personal bottle of hot sauce... and now she's heading for the exit... Oh helll no!  I grab her thank  her and pull out my cell phone time for a selfie!

This next interaction I attribute to participating in NVC sessions with +Lisa Hong​​ 's group Bold Compassion and conversations about Restorative Justice (circles) and swhing.
I had to report someone to the authorities down here.  I was very conflicted because of several things, one being the person is Black and I'm distrustful of police.  There is no way what happened should end in someone's death but it was a huge concern of mine or Dana getting beat up by cops, etc.
I got the person's phone number (I'll call the person Dana). I had Dana meet me in a public space (Starbucks) to tell Dana I knew what Dana had done and I had to report it to the police.  At one point Dana was agitated and self conscious and asked to move the conversation outdoors away from people and we did.
I listened to Dana's side of the incident intently.  Dana didn't make excuses.  There was no pushback from me like, "you should have know better, yada yada."  +Lisa Hong​​ +John Clark​​ I maybe should have apologized?? ("I'm sorry I have to do this.") I didn't though. (your thoughts?) After Dana finished I shared my feelings with Dana and  that my thought was I couldn't in good conscience not report it.
I was prepared to walk through it with Dana even though I was very upset with Dana.  "I will call you at every turn so there are no surprises."  In hindsight I should have offered to be available with any face to face with police.
We even got to know each other a bit.  Where do you work? Family. Interests.  What do you want to accomplish in life?  What are you doing to get there? We had several things in common. I still range between anger and sadness that it went down but I feel very relieved I did what I did and that I brought Dana in from the beginning of the action.   Answers? Questions? Ideas? I forgot to mention I unexpectedly saw Dana at a public event 2 months after the incident. Dana walked up behind me, said hi, exchanged hugs.  We didnt get to talk and I don't know what Dana feels now.  It was just a tad uncomfortable.

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 If you are pressed for time pick it up at the 4 minute mark and listen two minutes, even less.  It DIRECTLY IMPACTS Start With Helloing, ICU and BLACK LIVES MATTER concerning relationships.

How do you feel about I See You being an acronym?
Intensive Care Unit/Union
So Black Lives Matter wasn't exactly what we were looking for and other options seemed off putting. This is based on Lisa's suggesting, I See You. your thoughts?  Maybe I See You is better.
We are close to a date for the 1st Nia Coffeehouse in a few years.  Tentatively set for Nov. 20th, waiting approval from partners.
I'm hoping for poetry music and Start With Helloing etc.
The caroling (you got that email?) is in the same spirit of SWHing.  I hope to mix mix communities. 
Many on the BTT team are excited... we are close to  a date and get the word out.  We are looking at Dec. 18, 19 or 30th.
Ok buddy that's it.  I'll give you a call soon, I'm really missing hearing voices and hugs and stuff.

warm regard,

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For those of you who identify as Buddhist, please consider signing this letter in response to the terrorism in Charleston.

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from Aldous Huxley who said, “*We can only love what we know*, and we can never know completely what we do not love. Love is a mode of knowledge.”  Even though Summer Engman is focusing on personal relationship it is easy to extrapolate.  Take this excerpt from her article, "“But I’m hurt and angry! How can I just love this person who is hurting me?”  
to "But I'm hurt and angry!  How can I just this group who is threatening my values, my morals, my way of life?"


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This week in Loving Kindness Week and Start With Helloing.  Yesterday, June 1st was the 1st day of Loving Kindness Week.  Things were happening all over town!  I worked with Professors Tim Connell, David Huston, and ten students from Laurel a private school in Shaker Heights.

We spent the entire day Helloing in part of the  Buckeye, Larchmere, Woodland Hills, Shaker Square community.
 _Where did Helloing lead?_
Our 1st experience was helloing at the McDonald's on Buckeye near 116th where we gathered to talk about they day and _went through the SWHING protocol of eyes closed deep breathing, visualization, centering mindfulness.  Yeah it raised an eyebrow or two but let's continue!
We weren't the only one's out helloing! We cruised the huge Buckeye across the street, home to Giant Eagle, Key Bank, Cajun Joe's, and many other stores. A lady and her son zoomed up beside us in an SUV and we started a conversation
She was passing out flyers about a Buckeye Mobil Food pantry we didn't know was happening that day at Buckeye Shaker Square Development on Buckeye at 118th. We traded information and she, Kim Thomas gave us all flyers ( Thanks Kim!
We helloed our way up Buckeye. It was a cold damp day so we didn't run into a zillion folks but had fruitful interactions.
After talking to Kim and her son and trading information we headed for the food pantry to see for ourselves.  We said hello to all who crossed our path except for one lady because she was on her phone.  Darned if she didn't interrupt her conversation with a loud, "Good morning!" Dang! Many of us had already passed , I turned walking backwards and returned the pleasantry,
We cut the line at the pantry chatting, helloing, and nodding our way to the front of Buckeye Shaker Square Development where the laurel fellows met Lynell, Deputy Director, Vickie, Community Engagement??, Sophia, receptionist?  We were totally disruptive as I introduced myself to Vickie and invaded her small office with as many of the twelve as I could cram in.
I saw this familiar face... it was new friend Kim's son and then Kim, who we had just met.  So interesting how having said hello earlier provided for such bonding upon meeting a 2nd time.  I note this is usually the case. Anyway we met about 5 new folks and the Executive Director, John Hopkins came out and engaged us about the community, the opportunity corridor, his experience in an African American community and more. (_ Vickie invited the students to volunteer and participate in Soul of Buckeye in September!  Thank you so much John, Lynell, Vickie, Sophia, Kim and all.
We helloed our way to Orban's florist, wow, I had no idea! We spoke with 3rd generation own, Edward Wrobel.  The florist has been in the neighborhood since 1915. I found this video [_]
We then walked the neighborhood from 116th and Buckeye to Fiddlehead gallery and Susan Rozman who is very involved in the neighborhood.
The impetus for the Laurel excursion was May term where students explore.  This group of students explored Cleveland neighborhoods.  They also explored UCI, Ohio City, and Playhouse Square.
At Fiddlehead Susan spoke to them about the Bridging The Tracks an outgrowth of City Repair Cleveland which was brought to town by Neighborhood Connections [].  If you've never been to Fiddlehead gallery, you owe yourself.   []
Ok so we've been standing since 9:30 and even the young sophomores are wilting. We hello our way up Larchmere to Shaker Square and split up for lunch.  Tim, David, and I settled in at Senor Tequila Mexican Grill & Cantina.
After lunch we met at Edwin's to engage Brandon Chrostowski and staff.  Amazing! You have to check out Edwins' mission [_] Brandon's staff gave us a tour of the restaurant.  I found out that the name is a combination of the words education and win.. Education Wins-> Edwins.
After all that helloing it was time for goodbyes as Tim, David, and the students caught the rapid transit back to Laurel.  Through my individual helloing I found we have quite _an amazing music store of national renown on Buckeye, Nikki's Music []_, an African import shop, Som Di Mma Elegance run by native Nigerian, Justina Ego Adigwe, an essence and oil shop, a locksmith, barbershop, beauty salons, day care, 2nd hand shops, and more. this is such a walkable neighborhood!  Kudos to the students who hail from Chagrin Falls, Shaker Heights, Bedford Heights and elsewhere for picking this project and considering volunteering and participating in Soul Of Buckeye in September.

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check out #StartsWithTrust

I'm reflecting on these ideas from a webinar on nonviolent communication and social justice, wondering whether it offers new framing for social justice discussions?

- Seeking transformational vs transactional change.

- Social justice grounded in compassion vs fear and anger.

"The most pervasive form of internalized oppression is right/wrong thinking.  It puts us at odds with ourselves and others.  It reinforces the dominant culture."

These questions seem a good support for starting a no-blame race dialogue. 
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