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Stylish outfit of Peter Capaldi seen in Doctor Who television series as the 12th Doctor has been placed here too, which is made from Velvet material. This Peter Capaldi Velvet Coat can be your ideal apparel for parties and other fun events you wish to show off at.

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I am looking for a GM who would accept to make me play a campaign, or let me join one, of doctor Who.

Hello, new here, I'd like to know how it works to create a character and join in please !

can i be the 12th doctor?

(Open Roleplay)
Listen come with me!
Info of me:
TARDIS:Type Coral
Exterior:Classic(The Cylinder)
Clothes:Dress pants,shirt,shoes and a black Trench Coat
Name:The Piston
Special ability's:Time Freeze,Eletronics,Paradox Fixing,"Tingle Tongle Dingle Bongle Thingle Mongle!"

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The Seven Doctor: A review of The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space roleplaying game.

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Name:The Inventor
Species:Time Lord
Bio:Was raised on Gallifrey  his father was an upper time lord who was very high up a the gallifreyan political ladder. His Father was killed by daleks. He was raised by his mother who died from daleks and he realised that other time lords were very stable they were afraid of change so he created his own T.A.R.D.I.S. (he was a time lord prodigy okay) that was a pyramid shape and named it the Pyriam Core T.A.R.D.I.S.(basically an upgrade of 105 with a new core he invented) and also created a messanger that was a pyramid shape and then traveled into the future where he started to fix problems throughout time and space in his own way.
Personality:Friendly but acts depressed and lonely
TARDIS type:Pyriam Code
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My review of The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook.
Please do share.
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