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? What is the best app to mirror my phone to my smart tv please

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MOFi Silicone Edge Case for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8Plus
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I have been trying to figure out how to fix my husband's phone. Everything comes up backwards the words are straight but the punctuation and it types backwards as well arrows are on the opposit side the normal and so are their exit marks. But how How can I Fix this?

Well I purchased my S8+ August 2017 only because the Note 7 never came to the UK. After 3 months of having the phone an image was burnt into the screen. I wasted half a day in a Samsung Service centre getting screen replaced. March 2018 I noticed that my screen had the same issue this time even worse than before. Spoke with Samsung directly explained my situation and basically said to me you can get it replaced under warranty again. I explained to them that I only brought the phone because the Note 7 never came to UK and when you pay £700 for a brand new phone only to have this happen after 3 months then for it to happen again shortly after is absolutely disgusting and I did not have confidence in the product and wanted to change it for the Note 8 they basically said no get the screen changed again. So what I'm saying is for all you people that have this phone check your screens as I have 5 mates where it's also happened to them. They too have complained. Astonished me that after the Note 7 issue with the millions they lost you would think that they would resolve such major flaws in phones.

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