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1. Don't say you are King/Queen or Prince/Princess unless you are really one. (Autumn is Queen)
2. No swearing or harassment.
3. No inappropriate pictures
4. You can ask to be upgraded, but don't beg or don't expect me to always say yes
6. Have fun! I might need to add more to this list :P

Do you guys and gals think I should change my OC to make it more Summer like? I've sort of planned one out if you think I should.....

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Is in the main room, then suddenly faints with a huge cut down her throat. Blood is everywhere [Open to everyone]

I am soooo sorry for not being on here in a long time!! Im so so so so so sorry!! I was just so busy!

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Is walking down the hallway with a pot of tea and I place it on the table next to a chair. Im stuffed... I need some warm tea. Sits down in the chair slowly and pours tea  into a small glass cup
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Name:Silver Star
Likes:Almost everything
Dislikes:Bullies discord and rude ponies
Personality:Sweet kind nice genouros loyal honest funny
Bio:when she was in a singing competition she won and got her cutie mark and became a singer

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This is a little late but....
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Is sitting in the nusery, with Oreo, King Tigger, and a few other animals OKay, everyone! Welcome to the first meeting of Fall Creatures! King Tigger, please say your opening statement Tigger says MEowy Meow meow meow, meow meowington meowzers I agree. Your food variety is a little low. What food items would you like? Animals make there noises, and Autumn seems to understand

I have found a small gang of dragons coming our way. They have strong fire power and the size of two ponies every ome be prepared
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