Mitchy has been banned due to him being a hypocrite. +Autistic Sides will be given Mediaset.

Who will I be?

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Reshare if you want Cartoon Network's 25th Birthday to happen in 2017, and make it a good one. Ignore if you want more live-action on Cartoon Network.

I will be Orion

NAME: Digimon Pictures

I'll be Sony.

Hey +TR3X PR0DÚCTÍ0NS, what company do you want? No Viacom, DDLC, Rai, Mediaset, Orion, CDI, or Titanus for you. They are taken.

Welcome, +Miles Prower Entertainment. What parody do you want? No Rai for You. I am already Rai.

I call Rai!

I'll make +DIPED Entertainment POE TFG our Titanus. Name: DIPED
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