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Guys, don't forget to post a review for classes you are finishing, here:

It's a great centralized resource to share your experiences about the class, its prerequisites, the grading scheme, etc. The more reviews, the site becomes more useful.

Sprint 2018 - When is registration going to open for enrollment? Those who can attend orientation yesterday, do you have any information to share?

Question for anyone that took class - MGT 8803/6754 - Business Fundamentals for Analytics this semester. What did you learn about strategy? The survey to opt-out asks if we have knowledge in accounting, finance, operations, marketing and strategy... I am pretty comfortable in all of them but strategy and wanted to wanted to make sure I know what you learn around strategy in this course?

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Beautiful Georgia Tech shots with first snow fall, more at

Hello everyone! I am very excited to join the Spring'18 group. Looks like I am going to have to catch up with you all as fast as possible. Trying to read all the threads to learn from all of your research.

I an North Atlanta local and will love to join study groups. I will try to find other locals on Slack. I will love to hear from the Atlanta folks on what the majority is picking to start with. It'll be good to align the classes so we can potentially study together.

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GT just sent this email out. If you have been accepted for Spring 2018 check your email and complete the survey ASAP (due tom).

[Updated event detail]
Time: Thursday 5pm-7pm
(Approximation only. We don't really have a hard begin and end time. Since almost all of us have full time job, I expect most people to show up around 6pm and stay till around 7pm)
Place: Second Floor Atrium, ISYE Main Building
Address: 755 Ferst Drive, NW, Atlanta, GA 30332-0205

Facilities has confirmed the building will remain unlocked until 6pm. If you arrive after that, you can try your buzzcard. If you don't have one or it doesn't work, give me a call at [redacted] so we can come get you.

The closest visitor parking is Area 3 (surface lot next to the parking deck). The easiest way in is via the white entrance, which will take you straight to the second floor.

We will have pizza and sodas delivered around 5:45pm. See you there!

Calling all Atlanta locals - I'm trying to organize a post-semester meetup, hopefully with Dr. Sokol and other faculty/staff.

A few of us in various slacks have already shown interest. I have sent an email to Dr. Sokol and proposed next Thursday 12/14, early evening like 5 or 6pm, in the common area in one of the ISYE buildings. If we have enough people we can order food as well (probably pizza - hey that's college life lol).

No matter if you are current Fall cohort, newly admitted 2018 cohorts (congrats!), future applicants, or just interested in chatting with us, everyone is welcome. Just leave a comment below so we know who's interested. Once we finalize on the detail I will post update here.

(If we can get Dr. Sokol on board, we can even setup skype/webex so others can join as well)

How does reco work? Application form only asks for email address of Recommenders. What if the email goes to Junk folder and they dont get to see it? Will I be notified of email being sent to a Recommender?

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Coupon from WSJ on MicroMaster - has anyone been able to apply the WSJ coupon on the MM courses recently? Did it work? Thanks!

I was doing TOEFL practice exams and going through Kaplan online prep materials when I got a few ideas for KAPLAN.

1. Currently the practice tests evaluate only "reading" and "listening" sections. The "writing" and "speaking" sections are not evaluated. Well, not any more with deep nets.
A. One can even find out how much time some1 stammers.
B. One can translate speech to text and see how many more errors than normal are seen (that would indicate that the speech was not clear)
C. One can find out if Grammar is followed in speech too!
D. For every word transcribed, one can figure out how effectively the word was spelt.
E. NLP analysis can be applied for Text and see how good you have written that piece.
F. Entries can be compared to already existing written paragraphs and similarity measures created.

2. Based on practice exams, one can bucket users -- Why? You can create new products targeted at different sections of users. Why should all candidate see same version of the book?

3. New product targeted specifically for "speech" and "writing" skills. Some people may be good in Reading and listening. but not in speech and writing. Correct versions can be recommended based on Practice Test.

4. Customized Books can be ordered a higher price which focusses only on areas identified as weak spots for a particular student.

What do you guys think?
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