A lot, if not most, macs have Yosemite installed. I think the dev team should make Yosemite support a priority. Sorry if you consider this spam, but I'm not asking when the ETA is, just saying it should be a priority. Feel free to delete this.

where i get the rom flahser for mac

Hi, i have a MAC OS X 10.6.8 but im not able to run the installer.... whenever i download and extract it from the zip file, it takes no action. I double click the installer icon and it takes no effect. Any help? tks

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I have been trying to install Cyanogen on my Sony Ericsson Wt19i for the last 3 months but was unable when I saw the Installer it was like a ray of hope for me and them at the climax this pop up comes out.. :-(
please please please help me with this.

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i have a problem cant install CM in win 7 

When you got the error: 'We could not talk to your phone' is it sufficient to run Mac OS in safe mode?

Now Running yosemite. 

Hi, if I use the installer, will I get CM11 right?
I have a S4-I19505, is CM12 already available?

I am trying to install CM using my Macbook Pro running 10.7.5 to  my Galaxy S4 (Tmobile). I run the installer on the phone, then the mac app, then connect the phone to the mac. The mac app detects and then inspects the device and then I click on Install. At that point the mac app says "Installing recovery" and the phone reboots and shows "Downloading...Do not turn off target" where it stays. Eventually (minutes later) the mac app says "We couldn't talk to your device" "Try again".
Clearly it must have been talking to my deviec or it wouldn't have detected, inspected, and rebooted it. I tried rooting the phone and removing Knox with the same result. Can anyone help?

Hello, I'm new to Cyanogen and have some super basic user-centered questions I can't find answers to after looking around on the site and the fourm:

1. How do I first back up my phone so I can restore the phone to original condition if something goes wrong?
2. Do I need have my phone unlocked? (I'm on t-mobile so it's easy to do but the info online doesn't mention anything about this.)

These are pre-install "checklist" questions it would be great to know, most of the info I see assumes everyone knows the answers to this, so it's confusing for new users to consider switching & supporting without these prerequisite basics made really clear. Thanks for any help!

Hi for some reason the installer gets stuck on the updating process....is there any way to fix this?
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