This is a sample of how you should structure your own portfolio. This is a work in progress. Here is the website link:
Use this website as your starting point to structure your website.

Note: be sure to look at the video tutorials on my website under Tutorials. These videos will help you organize your website portfolio. Here is the link:

Lastly, get the excel work completed, uploaded, and link it as share/view to my email. If times runs out tonight, and you can't get to a computer; just sleep and get up bright and early to finish the website. You can still access the video through the use of your smart phones. Good luck and I will see you all tomorrow during office hours.
More tutorials will be uploaded.

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I'm so cool

This evening is going to be tough, but I know if each and everyone of you had been doing the reading since last friday, everything should be okay. 

In no particular order:
Reading and note-taking from > Microsoft Office > Excel > Formulas and Function and Working with Data 13-23 (Note: write down all the bolded words and definitions) 
Since you have the reading, I decided take away the excel homework and I will provide the information to you in-class
Lastly, we will move away from the printed portfolio and use a digital setup called Google Sites. You are required to create a Google Site website using a pre-established template. 
To get to the Google Sites go to Google Apps if you’re starting from your Google Gmail. Find Sites and click on it. 
Click on Create > Hover over with your cursor and click on ‘Browse the gallery and more’ >under Public on the left side, click on Schools and Education > Look for ‘Online Portfolio Template (a guys face is on the left side and he is wearing glasses) > click on Gadget and use the Template (Note: the guys name is ‘Sunrito Bhattacharya’) 
Create Site Template using the Online Template and be sure to have a Site name (note: you can name it Aspire UB Computer Literacy Portfolio)
You can explore and change things from this template. 
To change the face icon for example: if you hover over the ‘more actions’ icon at the top right > click on ‘Edit site layout’ and hover over the face on the left and you will read Text box (be sure to click on it to edit its features).
To change the inside text of each section: click on the ‘edit page’ at the top right (the icon looks like a pencil/pen tool). This feature will allow the user to change the text and layout. Experiment and enjoy. Again, you will have time to finish this, and I will show you guys more tomorrow. But be sure to explore and look up and research on if needed. 
Mr. Nelson

who is going to the party Sunday

If this information is difficult to read, just copy and paste into Google Docs or Word. Also, this information is posted on Blackboard Announcements. 

Focus on the PowerPoint and the Reading. If you have time, start the Website. Again, we will discuss more tomorrow.

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the Tesla Model X suv is a car that Tesla has been on the drawing board since 2012 and in may they had came out with the first suv and it its again all electric and they said the battery can keep your house lights on for one Whole day. they had not came out with the sticker price or the cost it was to make it. If you are interested to read more on the electric vehicle you can go on CNN if you have any questions you can email me or comment below. thank you for reading    

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My current event is on the "Hello Barbie". This doll will listen to your child speak and respond in a kindly manner. Barbie does this by recording a child’s question, uploading it to a speech recognition server. They then identify a recognizable keyword and it offers an appropriate synced response. The company behind this idea is ToyTalk. This doll was made to record a child's  utterance to help tune their speech and teach them to pronounce words correctly.

My current event this week was about the fact that the advance in medical technology is ruining the chances of doctors figuring out when a patient actually dies. For example there is a new innovation in the medical field that is called a PET scan and it is a machine that can scan the brain activity in someone that is in a coma. However with that machine that they are now using they do not really keep track of when the patient is actually dead because they are too busy trying to find the activity in the brain. It all started when a doctor was in surgery and once he was about to scrub out he suddenly felt as if the patient was coming back into life but it was just the electricity running through the monitor. That is when they realized that they did not really when the time of death actually was.

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Good afternoon, my name is Maritza Pinedo. My presentation is about Apple's new product called the "Apple Watch". This watch is a super-iPod, fitness device, and a IPhone companion. This new watch comes in three different models, two different sizes, and six different finishes. The price ranges from $349 to $17,000; it depends on how the person wants their watch. For example the picture below is an 18k gold Apple Watch. Some things you can do on this watch is make calls, text, pay lunch, measure heart rate, track walks, listen to music and much more. This watch is also capable of downloading apps. The Apple Watch is unique from other smart watches.This is the end of my presentation.

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Hi guys! I'm going to be talking about AT&T and their unlimited data. Apparently, AT&T would promise their users unlimited access to data, but after their users exceeded a certain amount, AT&T would slow the amount of Internet they would have access to by a lot. AT&T was fined by the 'Federal  Communications Commission' for falsely promising unlimited data. AT&T can either get proof that they were doing as they promised, or they and FCC may go to court. According to the article, it is not uncommon for phone companies to do this. For example, Verizon does this where there are too many people online at once. AT&T had a lawsuit filed against them.  This concludes my current event. Thanks!
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